USDX Token Sale November 1st — December 31st

Tech Specs: What’s Inside Our Payment System

What’s inside USDX payment system? What type of Blockchain it uses? What about security and key management? In short, what the tech? You have asked, we’re answering.

We launched a USDX token sale campaign a week ago and we’re really happy to get all the feedback. Our contributors and users ask all types of questions, including tech ones. So we gathered them into one pool and we’re addressing them here. This article will give you an inside view of USDX payment system.


Our project is powered by blockchain, which is based on the open-source Graphene/BitShares projects. This approach provides us high flexibility, mature and time-proven code base and regular improvements. BitShares, for instance, has the following key benefits:

  • A Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm, which is environment-friendly, quick in transaction processing, reduced in resource requirements for verifiers;
  • 100,000 transactions per second (TPS);
  • Multi-signature transactions and hierarchical key structures, allowing flexible account management.

The network consists of 11 verifying nodes, which are accessible through a special gateway. This ensures network and users data security. Network management is performed by 11 members of the committee.


The basics

We follow the principles of SSDL, where infrastructure and source code are constantly monitored at every development stage. Our developers, architects and engineers collaborate with information security experts to coordinate all changes in the source code and infrastructure. We scan the project for possible vulnerabilities using both automated tools and manual analysis for every product update.

In the development process we follow CI/CD principles, which allow us to dramatically reduce human error, promptly release new versions of the app and conduct continuous testing of new features.

Additional practices

Monitoring. We track the following indicators: CPU usage, memory consumption, network activity, service émets. The data is aggregated and analyzed to identify potential problems. We have. a 24/7 team of systems administrators which allows us to address issues at the earliest stages possible.

Infrastructure. We use Google Cloud Platform and AWS solutions, which provide tools to prevent a wide range of security threats. Our infrastructure is built on Docker and Kubernetes technologies, which allow services isolation and prevention of thread escalation.

Authorization. We use two mechanisms: 1) a digital signature based on private and public keys and 2) a two-factor authorization (2FA) via sms or push notification. By doing so, we guarantee the safety of user data and assets.

Please read our Whitepaper for more in-depth description of the tech side of our product.

What else is cool about USDX Wallet app?

We’re currently in token sale stage, that comes with 3 types of bonuses*:

  • A 35% bonus: download a USDX Wallet app, register and get 35% back of your first USDX purchase;
  • A 25% bonus: invite friends and get 25% back on their first purchase;
  • A 10% bonus: for your second and all subsequent purchases we will give you 10% more bonuses.

The app accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and a bunch of other altcoins.

*Offers are valid for 14 days after app installation.

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