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Evotrue, a Master in Agriculture Supply Chain

Founded in 2004, Evotrue has devoted its whole career to developing and implementing digital technologies in the agriculture industry for 16 years. Up till now, Evotrue has acquired over 30 national patents and over 100 independent intellectual property rights. It is an irrefutable leader with 85% market share in this industry and has played a crucial role in making the standards for national organic food traceability in China.

In the last decade, there were epochal evolution in technology development and those changes have permeated across many different supply chains and the agriculture industry is no exception. Indeed, Evotrue conforms to the trend of times, so that it had undergone a transformation from a company providing anti-counterfeiting technologies to a master in provenance for agricultural products.

Since Evoture joined BSN China last year, numerous projects of blockchain-based supply chains have been implemented, working closely with BSN. By offering professional services to governments and corporations, Evotrue is widely recognized in traceability and quality management of agricultural products worldwide. Till 2020, it had provided traceability technologies for more than 10,000 organic certification organizations globally, involving over 6 billion organic products.

The Beef Supply Chain Project in Inner Mongolia

The beef supply chain project in 2018 is a great use case to share. This project is located at a ranch in inner Mongolia, which is known for breeding yellow cattle. However, lack of digitalization in management and low efficiency in production impede the advancement of cattle breeding and related economies.

In order to relieve these pain points ── establishing the good reputation of their beef brand names and fostering sustainability of cattle breeding, Evotrue provides a globally standardized blockchain certification, which provides data of all processes and timestamps for beef in great detail. Not only that, but Evotrue also integrated the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies to help to collect data, which considerably facilitate the implementation of provenance blockchain. Notably, all these data are store on BSN Public City Nodes (PCNs).

After using Evotrue’s blockchain solution, there was a solid increase in revenue from 1.85 billion RMB to over 4.2 billion RMB in only years, while beef making 85% of the whole profits. At the same time, 62 thousand farmers in this district gained higher income, and the PCDI (per-capita disposable income) reached 22,500 RMB, which is 35% higher than the average of the whole area.

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