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Evotrue helps Tribute Dragon Well Tea in the Digital Transformation

Without a doubt, the most well-known Chinese tea is “Longjing” Tea, also known as Dragon Well Tea. While there are many various sorts of Dragon Well tea, the Tribute flavor is extremely rare. The Tribute seal is only seen on the tea gardens of Lion Peak Mountain (“Shifeng”). Dragon Well Tea is China’s national tea, and it has been given as a gift to a number of high-profile foreign visitors: in 2005, former US President Bill Clinton was given Dragon Well Tea as a gift, and in 2008, Mr. Benan, the UN’s deputy secretary-general, was given this tea as a gift at the Shanghai World Expo.

West Lake Longjing Ltd., founded in 1984, is a large-scale Tribute Dragon Well Tea manufacturer with 88 acres of tea gardens on the Lion Peak Mountain. Despite this company’s extensive experience in the tea processing industry, there are risks that production costs will continue to rise, and market prices will fluctuate as it expands. What is the best way for Tribute Dragon Well Tea to overcome these difficulties and sustain healthy development? Evotrue offers a solution of digital transformation that incorporates all emerging technologies.

Big Data Platform to help improve the quality and efficiency of the industry

Big data can give precise guidance for production, processing, trading, market circulation, and consumption and improve planting quality and reduce planting risks to achieve cost savings and revenue increase. It can also be used together with blockchain technology to address the issue of data credibility in brand certification and increase brand value. Moreover, the big data platform can forecast production and prices, allowing for better regulation, scientific management and intelligent decision-making.

5G+AI+IoT technology help production management

In collaboration with China Mobile, Evotrue has pioneered the use of the latest 5G+AI+IoT technologies to achieve accurate control in a 3.3-acre experimental tea plantation. IoT devices are used to capture real-time data such as weather temperature, air humidity, and soil pH. The data is then transferred to a cloud server for calculation and analysis. Evotrue’s “AI engine” analyzes all records as well as several indicators of tea leaf shape and color. Therefore, tea farmers can be given the appropriate advices to assist the tea plantation’s management. For example, pests, illnesses, and the accurate timing of harvesting can be foreseen using “AI engine”, so targeted fertilization and irrigation can be carried out.

Blockchain authentication for more reliable traceability information

To further increase authenticity, Evotrue integrates IoT technologies with blockchain + traceability applications: In comparison to the previous manual filling technique, the data on blockchain is automatically filled by IoT devices, ensuring the validity of the process data source. Furthermore, all process traceability data is stored on the BSN public city nodes.

Each tea product is tagged with a unique blockchain certificate. Consumers can scan the code right away to learn how many times the tea garden was fertilized, the date and weather at which the tea was extracted, who processed it, when it was warehoused, and when it was discharged after being warehoused, ensuring that they are drinking authentic Tribute Dragon Well Tea. At the same time, a simple scan of the code displays all of the official sales channels that helps with the brand promotion.

In the future, Evotrue will continue to optimize the Big Data Platform, leveraging the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies to digitally empower the Tribute Dragon Well Tea brand and the tea industry as a whole.

If you have an interest in knowing Evoture, please read our previous article, “Evotrue, a Master in Agriculture Supply Chain.” For further information about Evoture and its services, please contact, or contact us at



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