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FISCO BCOS, the Most Popular Permissioned Framework in Chinese Mainland

FISCO BCOS is a reliable, secure, and efficient open-source blockchain platform built by the FISCO open source working group led by WeBank. As China’s first digital-only and privately-owned bank, WeBank commits to promoting innovative technologies and constantly conducts research and applications. In 2020, it topped the 2019 Global Banking Patents Rankings (IPRdaily) with 632 patents.

As In 2019, together with Hyperledger Fabric, FISCO BCOS has joined the BSN as the only domestic frameworks. Until May 2020, more than 2,000 enterprises and institutions and over 40,000 individual members gathered to build the FISCO BCOS community. Meanwhile, hundreds of projects have been developed based on FISCO BCOS, and over 120 have been steadily operating in the production environment, covering copyright, judicial services, administration services, Internet of Things, finance, smart cities, public welfare, and other fields. At the moment, FISCO BCOS is the largest open-source community in China.

The community developed several handy tools on top of the FISCO BCOS to reduce the difficulty and cost of building DApps to meet different business needs.

WeBASE Platform: a friendly and visualized operating environment for developers and operators to develop, debug, and deploy.

Cross-chain platform WeCross: a platform to solve problems of interoperability between heterogeneous blockchains, supporting a variety of mainstream frameworks such as FISCO BCOS and Hyperledger Fabric.

Judicial Services

In 2018, WeBank collaborated with partners and local arbitration committee to develop a digital escrow consortium chain that stores digital evidences on the chain, which could be retrieved for verification when needed. Using blockchain technology, digital evidences are signed, encrypted and referenced to maintain their authenticity, authority, privacy and relevancy. This greatly simplifies and shortens the arbitration process from several months to 7 days. By March 2021, over 3 billion evidences have been recorded on chain.

Mutual health code recognition system between Macau and Guangdong

The pandemic severely affected tourism in Macau SAR of China. From September 23 onwards, the Chinese mainland resumed issuing visas for visitors to Macao. Thanks to the mutual recognition system of Macao blockchain health code and Guangdong health code launched in May, mainland Chinese passengers can apply and use Guangdong health code to verify their health status when entering Macao.

Macao blockchain health code is implemented based on FISCO BCOS and WeIdentity to provide effective information verification and ensure data privacy of cross-regional passengers. Until 28 Feb 2021, the system has supported over 58 million custom crossings between the Chinese mainland and Macao. The average time of receiving, transforming, and generating the health code for the first time is only 100 seconds. And it only takes less than 3 seconds to complete the procedure when a passenger clears customs again.



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