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Huochain, a Sophisticated Blockchain Provider with Strategic Acuity

Founded in 2018, Huochain has devoted itself to blockchain education promotion, underlying technology research, and real-world implementation in various industries, such as real estate, retail, e-commerce, IoT, tourism, intellectual property protection, etc.

Headquartered in Hainan Free Trade Port Escort Software Community, Huochain provides consulting, training, technical, and research services supported by Huochain Technology College, Huochain Technology Research Institute, Industry Empowerment Center, and Huochain Labs. Unlike other blockchain solution providers in China, Huochain has the advantage of integrating production with education and research, ranging from the industry trend, technology path, application innovation to business model exploration. Huochain Technology Research Institute has released several blockchain industry reports like “International Blockchain Policy, Regulation and Trend Analysis” and published books like “100 Blockchain Use Cases”. Extensive research of different real-world use cases and experience and strategic acuity makes Huochain a sophisticated blockchain solution provider in a diversity of fields. Examples of their excellent applications are illustrated in the following paragraphs.

Huochain Blockchain Use Case

One of our partner companies has undergone rapid growth for more than ten years. The primary driving force is a sound employee incentive system, which motivates them towards effective and hard work. Inspired by this case, Huochain developed its own Enterprise Blockchain Performance Incentive System, which not only retains advantages of incentive mechanism but also addresses the potential risks of share value decline and regulation issue by utilizing the decentralized nature of blockchain.

  • Generally, employees can get a pass based on their performance to redeem certain values (bonus or equity).
  • An employee’s rewards and dividends earned are directly associated with his performance and the company’s earnings, thus increasing their loyalty and work enthusiasm.
  • Beyond that, every employee has a mobile phone wallet to manage their performance passes and track all records such as credit earnings, bonus redemption, etc.
  • Huochain also provides customized services of this performance incentive system, and the system is expected to be introduced and adopted by more than 10 companies in the following two years.

In addition to this, Huochain and Huafa Group jointly launched IPTM, an intellectual property protection platform on October 29th, 2020, and became one of the official applications of Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN).

  • After registering with real names, users can upload their works and enjoy services such as originality protection, image tracking, copyright licensing, etc.
  • All the works will be recorded on the blockchain with a unique ID, and then users can obtain an originality certificate within a minute.
  • So far, there are 29,098 pictures, 10,764 audios, and 11,830 videos registered on the platform.

In short, the mission of Huochain is to cultivate entrepreneurs with blockchain thinking, promote mass adoption of the underlying blockchain technology, and integrate the digital economy with the real economy.

For further information about Huochain and its blockchain services, please contact or contact us at



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