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ShangChain, BSN Fujian Portal Operator, Building a Trustworthy Talent Pool

Founded in 2018, ShangChain Technology is a comprehensive service provider focusing on developing digital applications. It provides enterprise blockchain solutions for corporations and governments, including consulting, blockchain platform construction, application development, etc. At the same time, ShangChain is committed to exploring various application scenarios, ranging from supply chain, finance, e-commerce to blockchain preservation. With extensive experience in blockchain technology adoption, ShangChain becomes the president of Fujian Blockchain Association and the official BSN Fujian Portal Operator.

BSN Fujian Portal

Given that China’s provinces are geographically diverse, the BSN Development Association brings forward the idea of the “BSN Provincial Portal” to satisfy the demand of each province and put together all the resources for promoting local blockchain advancement. In this way, the Development Association builds a sustainable provincial blockchain ecosystem to speed up blockchain’s massive adoption and integration with other industries in China.

The BSN Fujian Portal was launched on October 13th, 2020 and maps out to develop over 100 blockchain dApps within three years. ShangChain initiated Strait Chain-Valley Cross Strait Blockchain Public Service Platform, as the operation center of the BSN Fujian Portal, to drive the innovation and expansion of blockchain technology in Fujian Province. So far, 5,000 cooperates have joined the BSN Fujian Portal.

Blockchain-based Service Platform for Talents

As we have seen a fast-growing of blockchain technology, many blockchain companies are springing up and the blockchain industry is in desperate need of talents with professional skillset. It’s challenging for enterprises to find the right person as most job hunters are not qualified to fulfill the specific job requirements due to the lack of blockchain expertise. It is said that there will be a shortage of blockchain talents in China, around more than 750,000 in the next five years, which means a supply-demand imbalance of blockchain specialists. Even worse, some candidates will falsify personal information, such as academic qualifications or work experiences, just to get job opportunities. Background screening is a common way for recruiters to ensure they hire a reliable person capable of accomplishing the task required. However, employment fraud is still haunting the recruiters.

In order to overcome these barriers, ShangChain develops a Blockchain-based Service Platform for Talents by harnessing blockchain technologies, including blockchain traceability, asymmetric encryption, smart contracts, etc. How does the Platform work?

  • Users will upload their information on the platform, including ID, education background, work experiences and so forth. The immutability and traceability features of blockchain will help verify the authenticity of the user information. Besides, all the data transmission on the platform is completed using encryption, dramatically enhancing trust and security.
  • A huge talent pool will be built to bridge companies, government departments, and universities based on blockchain technology. In a data-driven society, it’s crucial to achieve connectivity. All the data on the platform is accessible to everyone, reducing time to jump from one place to another for obtaining talent information. As for talents, they will also benefit from joining the platform through relevant services. For example, by participating in career training and vocational counselling on the platform, talents can develop their skills to the point where they will perform a specific profession effectively.
  • ShangChain School is designed to improve the understanding of blockchain by providing blockchain courses to governments, universities, enterprises and individuals. It offers a diversified range of online and offline courses involving blockchain concepts, mechanisms, use cases, career tracks, future trends, etc. Whether you are a blockchain beginner or intermediate student, you will find a training course to catch up with. Moreover, ShangChain School will also customize courses according to specific requirements.

In the future, ShangChain Technology will continue to make further endeavors on developing blockchain applications, tackle security issues and contribute to making blockchain technical standards.

For further information about ShangChain Technology and its services, please contact, or contact us at




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