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Trustdo, a Blockchain-based Judicial Service Provider

According to, the Chinese Internet population had jumped from 298 million in 2008 to around 988 million in 2020. With nearly 1 billion Internet users, the total transaction value of mobile payments in 2020 hits $66 trillion, accelerating the Chinese digital economy’s boom. There follows a surge in various Internet dispute cases, but the number of judges has not significantly increased. The misalignment of judicial resources and cases brings challenges to protect justice and rights in the digital economy.

In this regard, judicial governance programs to support judicial and law enforcement agencies are necessary. Founded in 2016, with the goal of improving Internet trust and lowering the cost of multi-party collaboration based on blockchain technology, Trustdo has become the first blockchain-based judicial service provider, that bridges Internet courts with parties to the dispute in China. Trustdo builds a blockchain-based evidence platform, Tianping Chain, and utilizes a new model of co-governance and data sharing to enhance the efficiency of judiciaries and ensure the validity of judgments.

Blockchain-based Judicial Data Governance

Trustdo uses blockchain as the underlying technology to create a new model of proactive judicial governance, which is divided into three major components:

  • Compliance prevention: In order to reduce the risk of noncompliance and the cost of rights protection, Trustdo focuses on offering litigation governance solutions such as transaction compliance consulting, a judicial deposit of transactions, and electronic evidence for financial institutions, intellectual property institutions, and e-commerce platforms.
  • Diversified resolution: By providing blockchain-based evidence preservation and intelligent assistance, including online electronic evidence collections, blockchain electronic legal letters, intelligent lawyer mediation, blockchain electronic forensic reports, and blockchain Internet arbitration, Trustdo empowers law firms, notaries, forensic centers, and arbitrations.
  • Quick judgment: Trustdo implemented a blockchain electronic evidence system and an intelligent law-enforcement system governed by multiple parties to improve judgment efficiency and authenticity. As a result, judges can benefit from intelligent services such as quick review of case evidence, quick judgment in similar cases, and intelligent law enforcement based on smart contracts.

Tianping Chain-Electronic Evidence Platform

Tianping Chain, officially launched in 2018, is a judicial service platform developed jointly by Beijing Internet Court, Trustdo and China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (CICS-CERT).

Tianping Chain uses blockchain technology to streamline the collection and storage of evidence while also ensuring its authenticity.

  • In order to streamline the collection and storage of evidence while ensuring authenticity, Trustdo initiates a blockchain-based electronic evidence platform governed collaboratively by multiple judicial institutions on Tianping Chain. This platform enables quick electronic litigation and law enforcement.
  • When an infringement occurs, the plaintiff can upload their own evidence to Tianping Chain, which will then generate an immutable evidence deposit code. During the online litigation, the defendant can also submit his testimony. The platform will then automatically verify the authenticity of each evidence from the plaintiff and the defendant on Tianping Chain and render a decision.
  • So far, Tianping Chain has 21 blockchain nodes to store data in 9 fields such as copyright and Internet finance. For now, Tianping Chain has received over 15 million electronic data uploads and has settled 780 cases through online mediation before filing a lawsuit.

Trustdo will continue to develop blockchain judicial practice and bring more innovations to judicial governance, ultimately leading to an Internet with more trust and a booming digital economy.

For further information about Trustdo and its blockchain services, please contact or contact us at



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