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XuperChain, the Leading DLT Platform in China

As the digital economy is growing exponentially, many innovations are boosted around the world. XuperChain, one of the leading distributed ledger technology platforms, is developed by one of the best Chinese tech companies, China’s search giant Baidu. Baidu was listed as Forbes 50 Blockchain in 2021, leading in employing distributed ledger technology.

Baidu XuperChain has more than 425 independent intellectual property patents in blockchain-related areas, such as encryption technology, consensus algorithm, smart contract, and authority account.

Xuperchain can make blockchain technologies more reachable, flexible, compatible, and high-speed. During a test made by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), Xuperchain had impressive performance up to 78,000 TPS. Besides, XuperChain enables common devices like mobile phones to become nodes; furthermore, it is compatible with other frameworks such as Fabric, Ethereum, etc.

Along with its high performance, interoperability, and portability, XuperChain also shows a perfect integration of blockchain with other major cutting-edge technologies, including trusted computing (XuperData), AI, Big Data, trusted execution environment (TEE), and IoT. The coordination among these new technologies can do great good not only to business end but also to the society.

For example, Baidu has built the blockchain-based electronic evidence platform (Libra Chain) of Beijing Internet Court, Guangzhou Internet Court, and Qingdao Arbitration Commission. Data in the blockchain will be linked with the real world by law enforcement.

In other cases, through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Baidu has brought the real off-chain data to the blockchain by converting the handwritten prescriptions into structured electronic prescriptions, which saves a lot of manual entry costs and ensures data reliability.

On Oct 15th, 2020, XuperChain was donated to an open-source foundation, OpenAtom Foundation. With the donation, XuperChain is aimed to attracting developers across the world to make contributions. You can download the open-source code of XuperChain at GitHub, and learn more about this brand-new technology according to its massive references. The future of XuperChain shines bright.

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