Boys Club launches DIMES to supercharge community rewards — Powered by Co:Create.

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3 min readMar 29


DIMES is finally here! With the launch of its new web3 activation, Boys Club is unlocking engagement, rewards and growth powered by Co:Create’s flexible, API-first community activation platform.

Last month, you may have seen news of our partnership with Boys Club to launch their Boys Club reward tokens, ‘code name: DIMES’. If you missed it, read up on the collab on our blog post. TLDR: Boys Club, one of the most dynamic and buzzy web3 communities, is going all in on crypto-native tooling to activate their members in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

Today, we’re excited to reveal that DIMES is finally live. With DIMES, Boys Club is walking the walk of web3 technology, creating opportunities for their hyper-engaged community to earn and activate with Boys Club. DIMES can be used to participate in exclusive raffles, drops, events, and more.

With Co:Create’s API-first community activation platform, brands like Boys Club are now empowered to ignite, level-up and supercharge their community by creating gamified, self-owned reward experiences — all in one place. Powered by web3 tech, Co:Create’s platform is facilitating the reinvention of loyalty programs — to build the community-centric brands of tomorrow.

How do I get involved?

To get started, first off you’ll need to be a Boys Club NFT holder. From there, you can claim DIMES proportional to the Boys Club NFT (Main Character, Zaddy, or Zine) you hold. Stay tuned because there may be additional ways to earn DIMES in the future.

Follow these steps below to get your DIMES:

  1. Sign up for the program by entering your email address at
  2. Connect your wallet with Boys Club NFTs (Main Character, Zaddy, or Zine).
  3. Click the “Claim” button to get your DIMES.
  4. DIMES will then be minted to your new wallet that we’ve created for you when you joined the program.

Note: You may only connect one (1) wallet, so be sure to have all relevant Boys Club NFTs in the wallet you connect. This allows us to verify how many NFTs you hold, which determines the number of DIMES you can claim.

How many DIMES can I get?

Holding a Boys Club NFT (Main Character, Zaddy, or Zine) means that you can claim DIMES proportional to the NFTs you hold. The best part is that you get to keep your NFTs in addition to earning DIMES — a win-win!

There’s also a bonus multiplier ❤

  • If holding NFTs of 2 collections, your DIMES increases by 2x
  • If holding NFTs of all 3 collections, your DIMES increases by 5x

Here’s an example:

If you hold Boys Clubs’ Main Character, Zaddy, and Zine, you’re eligible to receive 135 DIMES!

Your DIMES Journey Begins…

Now that you’ve got your tasty DIMES, what can you do with them? To kick off the fun, once you’ve claimed your DIMES, you’ll be eligible to participate in an exclusive Boy’s Club raffle where 3 random winners will receive exclusive Boys Club merch. Oh, and this merch is the most stylish moment in web3, so don’t miss out here. This is one of many future perks for DIMES.

To participate in the raffle, click “Raffle” on the home screen and confirm your shipping address is within the United States. You don’t need to burn your DIMES in order to enter the raffle — you get to keep all your DIMES. The number of DIMES you hold translates into the number of times you will be entered into the raffle. 1 x DIME = 1 Raffle Ticket. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See the official rules for more details.

The Boys Club team will notify all winners via email on April 4th and ask for your shipping address at that time.

How does this work?

Co:Create has partnered with DFNS to provide wallets that mint and hold your DIMES. To access this wallet, head to the Boy’s Club site, go to “Account” and select “Wallets”.




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