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DDEX Aims To Add More Liquidity To Decentralized Finance

Volume Matters

High trading volumes can provide sustainable competitive advantages for exchanges. For example, BitMex, with its innovative XBTUSD perpetual contract, hit a home run with traders. This popular product has allowed BitMex to maintain dominance over its competitors.

Market Coverage

In the case of FTX, the founders of the exchange thought carefully about innovating upon BitMex. They expanded markets. For instance, they provided futures markets for even more tokens. Most notably, the created a market for Algorand’s ALGO long before the coin was even tradable.

Depth and Spread

Certainly, from the market coverage perspective, FTX has been successful. However, in terms of trading volume, they cannot unseat BitMex. That is because the largest traders only care about trading volume, market depth, and price spreads.

Discipline and Focus

Unlike the Fulcrum offering, the designers at DDEX chose to discipline themselves. They focused on leveraged longs and shorts of ETH only. Maybe they will expand their offerings in the future, but they are going after a niche.


The DDEX margin trading platform seems to be going for the jugular. They want to allow previously neglected USDT holders the ability to margin trade from their wallets. Moreover, USDT holders will finally be able to earn interest lending Tether whether or not they trade on margin.




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