What’s Wrong With Your Actual Reality?

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The problem is social ineptitude and escapism.

We’re more connected than we’ve ever been…and we’re lonelier than we’ve ever been.

The more we isolate ourselves into our technologies, the less we build the authentic connections we are truly longing for.

Not based on a true story. She would never be that okay with this.

What I’m suggesting is we use the innovations we’re privileged to have access to as tools, while doing everything in our power to hold onto the human condition these technologies are attempting to steal away from us.

  • Being more intentional about keeping my phone in my pocket and engaging in conversation with people stuck in lines with me
  • Abandoned Facebook in favor of productivity, contentment and authentic conversations with loved ones
  • Removed personal email from my phone
  • Made email check manual and only check personal email at designated times during the week (10 and 4)

What’s so bad about our actual reality that we now need a virtual one?

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Jason Ogle

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