2014's World best UX & UI designs

Dribbble vs Behance

User Experience design is the art of making things that exist look better, work better and be understood better. It is a special science of building digital products from the ground up and of re-imaging how the magical pieces that sit in front of our computer screens and our mobile phones can look better and work better. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the best User Experience and finished User Interface designs for IOS and Android on the internet. A search can take one up to a whole day and that can waste valuable time. That is why the crew at goldtree decided to do you a favor and present to you the best UX designs on the planet.

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Device Dashboard Mobile – iPad – UI/UX/iOS Dribbble

by Jason Wu

Open & Close Dribbble

by Creativedash

UI8 Wireframe Kit Dribbble

by Creativedash

Slate Dribbble

by Eduardo Santos

DOF Gallery Dribbble

by Cosmin Capitanu

Digital Menu Dribbble

by Cosmin Capitanu

Holiday Selector Dribbble

by Cosmin Capitanu

Lappsy. Free iOS7 AppBehance

Arkadiusz Płatek

UI/UX Redesign VK, Vkontakte Social NetworkBehance

Rustem Sirazetdzi

Songoroo Behance

Jakub Antalik


Tubik Factory

Tap Behance

Tubik Factory

Play Wellness iPhone app Behance


Space Pro Behance

Tubik Factory

Wunderpass Behance

Michal Ptaszynski

Best designs are subjective

But then again, so is most of life. So, I have been racking my brains for some parting shots. I searched for how to make some smart Dribbble or Behance statement, but the honest truth is that there are some insanely talented User Interface and UX Designers on these two networks. Designing for IOS and Android is really a battle of Apple against the Samsung & the rest so we’re always caught between the middle and for once, being caught between is a great thing!

Who wins the great battle of design between Behance and Dribbble? I would say the latter. Since Dribbble only highlights tiny snippets of User Interfaces, it is very difficult to correctly assess how it all comes together. And that is a big problem when it comes to assessing how a system is designed. Behance, on the other hand will give you a great platform to show not only the entire screens designed for your IOS, Android, Windows 8, Desktop and Web Apps in all their glory including even the wire-frames but does NOT require an “exclusive invite”. And I am yet to see how that dilutes the talent.

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