Why everyone should fish in their own pond for influencers, journalists, developers & more

In our previous blog post we explored how to use customer intelligence and especially demographic information to customize your website or newsletter to the customer and thereby, with very little extra work, improve CTR and revenue.

In the second part, we look into what additional information you could have about your customers and how this information can be used successfully to improve your business.

This new form of customer intelligence doesn’t try to put customers into big categories (gender, age, location, etc.), but rather understands them as individuals who could bring value to the company.

Customer intelligence is knowing exactly who a customers is and making sure they have the best possible experience. This can be beneficial for a plethora of use cases, such as identifying relevant influencers and micro-influencers for advocacy marketing, identifying candidates for hiring process, and reaching out to journalists for press, or investors for fund raising.

Influencers and micro-influencers: Identifying the right influencers and micro-influencers, both externally and from within your customer base, is the key factor to maximize your social media marketing campaigns. If they post about you, this can drive a lot of traffic. We posted an in-depth blog on how turn influencers and micro-influencers into your advocates.

In a nutshell, you should try to make every customer your advocate, but as with influencers, some customers might be more important to your business than others, so you should make sure they have a create experience.

Some examples of how to enhance your customer’s experience:

  • Upgrade their shipment to same day delivery.
  • If you are an on-demand service like repair or cleaning, make sure to send your best employees to the job.
  • Add a hand-written card to their shipment for a personal touch.
  • Add some freebies to the order.
  • Offer discounts for related services.
  • Offer exclusive access to your new products or events.
  • Offer them an affiliate program.

Journalists / Bloggers: One of our customers received a UserGems notification that a Venture Beat journalist had just signed up on their website. After seeing the journalist’s engagement on the platform, they decided to reach out and offer additional information about their product & roadmap. The journalist, already excited about the product, happily agreed to write about them. Journalists and bloggers try out new products everyday to find new topics. Reaching out at the right time, when your product is top of mind for them, could lead to more exposure.

Hiring: Instead of competing with the Googles and Facebooks of the world for talent, you can focus on potential candidates who already use and like your product. Buffer wrote extensively about why they prefer hiring candidates who use their product. Companies want to hire candidates who believe in their products, why not hire from the group of people that already does? Not only can this approach save your company more than $10,000 in headhunter fees, but the candidates will also likely to accept lower salary if they are excited about the product and the company.

For UserGems customers, we automatically collect information from Github (if you are looking for developers), LinkedIn and AngelList, among other social media platforms, to help you identify potential candidates among your customers.

Business opportunities: Outside of marketing and hiring, knowing who your customers are can also be useful when looking for business leads or partners. Companies such as Instacart or YourMechanic identify potential business partnerships from within their customer base. Similarly, if you are actively raising funds for your startup, it is important to know when an investor signs up to make sure they have a great experience, and timely reach out to them for feedback and discussions.

Can you think of any other use cases? We’d LOVE to hear from you. Please comment in the section down below, or send us an email christian@usergems.com

by Trinity Nguyen