Co-founder & Sales manager at HeavyM

1/ Hey Arnaud, can you tell me more about yourself, your job at HeavyM and your product ?

I’m 25 years old with an engineering background. At work, I’m in charge of all the commercial and marketing aspect. We’re developing HeavyM, a projection mapping software. With the help of a projector, users are able to project animations on a volume (structure, ceiling, facade, ..). The software is very intuitive, so people without skills can easily set up a mapping in a few minutes.

HeavyM demo

2/ When and in what context of work do you need to give presentations?

We need to communicate with our community at any time:

  • Show people different kind of projects they can realize with the software
  • Explain people the software with tutorials
  • Share with them news about our activity and development

3/ When you create presentations, what‘s most important for you? What do you present?

The most important for me is to quickly set up the presentation. I need quick and nice presentation. And also share them very easily!

4/ How do you use Bunkr? Why do you prefer Bunkr rather than the other presentation tools available?

Generally, we prepare slides outside Bunkr with InDesign or PhotoShop. Then we import pictures in Bunkr and it’s done. I really like the sharing process with Bunkr. We can quickly update the presentation too :)

5/ How and where do you use Bunkr?

We use Bunkr presentation on our website. People can read Bunkr presentation inside our website or they can move to bunkr website in order to be in full screen.

6/ Which applications do you use at work on a daily basis?

Gmail, Facebook, Azendoo, Google Analytics, Twitter, Iconosquare, Google Drive.

7/ What are some ideas you would like Bunkr to implement in the future?

More tools for customize the presentation like our own font. In order to keep the branding and the graphic chart.

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