Creating a digital experience for highly segmented audiences

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2 min readApr 26, 2020



Denizbank — Emirates NBD, is one of the top 10 banks in its region. As a well-established bank, Denizbank — Emirates NBD has been fairly competitive in the digital space, pioneering many mobile value-added services. Competing in a crowded space, the bank’s digital strategy revolves around providing user-centric services.


  • Behavioral sourcing for highly targeted audiences
  • Digital UX Research for mobile apps and fine-tuning the aesthetics
  • Card sorting for creating a better web/mobile infrastructure
  • User research for understanding the usability and fine-tuning the aesthetics
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 15%


  • In-depth Interviews
  • Card sorting
  • Digital User Research
  • Surveys


  • Agile research
  • Human-centered research

The Challenge

Adding more and more services cumulatively complicates the digital experience. Furthermore, having many different customer segments, especially ones less than digitally fluent it was necessary to provide an easy to use and relevant experience for all while making users feel special working with Denizbank — Emirates NBD.

The Solution

Using behavioral sourcing, Uservision sourced all of the required customer segments, even hard to reach ones, from farmers, to retired business professionals. Uservision also sourced consumers from not just one city, but from the whole country. To spice things up, Uservision also sourced individuals who were working with certain competitor banks to holistically understand what could be done better.

After sourcing the required audience, Uservision conducted in-depth interviews and UX research to understand the competitive landscape, the needs and bottlenecks. Uservision conducted moderated card-sorting sessions to create user-centric information architecture.

Utilizing these insights, the bank created a new user interface with its creative agency. This interface was also evaluated by the target audience through Uservision. After several iterative sessions, the product was ready to go live.


Uservision conducted before and after surveys. Through the surveys, it has been indicated that customer satisfaction had increased by 15%.

‘Uservision provides a highly methodical and scientific way to capture the voice of the customer (even hard to reach ones!) and organizes them in digestible and actionable chunks.’

Levent Kazım Oğuz — Denizbank — Emirates NBD, Digital Banking, Open (API Banking) and Internet Banking VP




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