Neovim: Mac GUI, Rust IDE, and More

There hasn’t been a Neovim update since last year, so I was pleased to see Newsletter #5 — Out of the Box. This edition has some interesting news about embedding Neovim: there’s a Rust IDE called SolidOak that uses an embedded Neovim, and a new Mac OS X GUI for Neovim. The Mac app has build instructions in the readme, and it currently supports mouse input, tabs, and has Mac GUI features like menus and font options.

Neovim Mac

I managed to get it to run, but I had to update msgpack from Homebrew first.

The newsletter covers many changes to Neovim’s source, which includes new autocommand events for tabs, changes to the job API, and code hygiene improvements. It sounds like the project is still very active, and the community around it is growing rapidly.

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