Paper Color

Paper Color (GitHub: NLKNguyen/papercolor-theme, License: MIT) by Nguyen Nguyen is a material design-inspired theme. It supports several languages, including C, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, and Markdown. It also has support for plugins like NERDTree and Tagbar.

The author makes a good point about why you might want to use a light theme:

I like dark color schemes, but for practical purposes, light ones work better in more places. For instance, when doing code walk-through with a screen projector in a presentation, it is very very unlikely that the projector can project the background of a dark theme to be dark enough to make the code stand out like on the monitor screen, thus resulting in muddy syntax colors that reduces the code readability of the audience. Of all presentations that I have been to, the light color schemes always perform better.

You can install the theme with a plugin manager, but remember to set colorscheme PaperColor in your .vimrc. The readme has installation instructions.

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