Script Roundup: vim-showspaces, ColumnTags.vim


If you’ve got a colleague who just can’t stop messing up whitespace, then you may want to politely suggest (or surreptitiously install) Laurent Georget’s ShowSpaces (GitHub: guiniol/vim-showspaces) plugin.

It’s a small albeit focused plugin that shows whitespace at the beginning of lines. You can change the highlight colour and turn it off — the full details are in the readme and bundled documentation.


ColumnTags (GitHub: kbairak/ColumnTags.vim) by Konstantinos Bairaktaris is a plugin that uses ctags with split windows to allow you to navigate code.

Pressing CTRL-] will follow a tag and open it in a new column. You can keep doing this to navigate further down, so you end up with stacked columns. You can press CTRL-t to go back or CTRL-, to shift all columns to the right.