Terminus: Improved Terminal Support

Terminus (GitHub: wincent/terminus) by Greg Hurrell is a plugin for improving Vim’s integration with terminals, with features designed for tmux and iTerm. Features include:

  • Cursor shape in Insert mode: thin vertical bar in the console
  • Mouse support: Activates ‘mouse’ support in all modes and additionally tries to activate sgr-mouse support
  • Terminal support for FocusGained and FocusLost events
  • Paste mode, so you don’t have to set the 'paste' option

These features make Vim feel more like a GUI text editor, without doing anything too complex. I’ve seen quite a few plugins that attempt to improve the focus support, but I haven’t yet tried using sgr-mouse. It seems like a good set of feature enhancements that people switching to console Vim are interested in.

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