Alex R. Young
May 19, 2012 · 1 min read

Last week I wrote about Vim’s registers, and this week you’ll see one of the many reasons why they’re essential, in the form of CTRL-R.

Inserting Registers in Insert Mode

When writing in insert mode, it’s possible to paste a register at the current location without leaving insert mode. To do this, press CTRL-R then type the name of a register. For example, CTRL-R a will insert the contents of a.

The text is inserted as if it were typed: that means autoindent will be respected. Pressing CTRL-R twice will insert the text literally.

Expression Register

Typing CTRL-R = allows an expression to be entered -- press return to insert the result. This could be any expression, but an easy to learn trick is to use it for simple mathematics.

Let’s say I wanted to insert the number of milliseconds in a day. Rather than leaving Vim and using a calculator or REPL, I could type CTRL-R =1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 and "86400000" will be inserted at the current position.

Command Mode

Typing CTRL-R in command mode (not normal mode) will also insert the contents of a register.

Further Reading

For more on using CTRL-R in insert mode, see :help i_CTRL-R. The command mode equivalent is also documented in :help c_CTRL-R.


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A blog about Vim

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