Welcome to the new usevim

I’ve moved usevim to Medium. All 530 posts have been migrated, and I hand checked each of them for issues. That includes messed up code listings where the importer sometimes forgot to close code blocks, and issues where subheadings got lost.


I’ve added a redirect for the RSS feed. If you were using Atom then the feeds will now be broken. The RSS feed is at https://medium.com/feed/usevim


If you want content from the old site and you can’t find it, then take a look at the GitHub repository: https://github.com/alexyoung/usevim

I’m going to work on the Medium version of the site a little more. It could do with some branding improvements (design and a custom domain name), and some pages that have pinned tutorials for the typical Vim questions that I get asked a lot.

Why Medium?

I like reading articles on Medium: I follow authors and publications, highlight interesting snippets, and I’ve had genuinely useful conversations about things I’m currently studying, so I felt it would be a better home for the blog than my own homegrown website.

I recently felt encouraged to move usevim here after I realized I still have yet to succumb to the draw of Atom, Visual Studio Code, and the big IDEs. I do try other editors from time to time and have fun using them, but I always use Vim for Real Work, and I’m still happily teaching and evangelizing Vim. So there’s a growing to-do list of articles that I’d like to write.

If you find things that could be improved or want to help with usevim, I’d love it if you find me on Twitter or Facebook and have a chat!

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