Climate close-ups: Nancy Pau

Woman standing in a salt marsh

This is Climate-closeups: an audio series that brings you the voices of those working against the tide of climate change through their daily work here at the Service. It’s an opportunity to take a look at the individuals behind the work and what drives them. But, as you’ll soon learn, for Wildlife Biologist Nancy Pau, there’s no such thing as an individual in this work.

As the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge continues to face the challenges posed by sea-level rise along the Eastern Seaboard, Nancy and her team at the refuge are harnessing the power of partnerships– with the local town, landowners, and other conservation organizations — to develop innovative, nature-based solutions to these growing threats.

Click the player below to listen to our full conversation with Nancy:

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Read the full audio transcript here.

This interview was produced by Olivia Gieger and Mason Wheatley.




We conserve nature in the northeast U.S. for the benefit of wildlife and the American people. Love your natural and wild places! Explore the world around you by hiking, fishing, hunting, and volunteering. More info at

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