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Helping Pollinators

bumble bee on a bright red and yellow flower
A bumble bee on an Indian blanket flower in a wildflower pollinator meadow. Photo by Kristen Strough/USDA

Pollinators provide vital benefits to people and wildlife, but for the past 25 years, many species of bees and other pollinators have experienced large drops in numbers.

Habitat that pollinators need in order to survive is shrinking. Invasive wildlife crowds out native plants and increases disease threats. Improper use of pesticides can harm pollinators and other wildlife.

One of the biggest problems is climate change. Flowers are blooming earlier as temperatures warm, costing some pollinators the opportunity to feed. More flooding and increasing fire seasons threaten native habitats.

The summer 2023 Fish & Wildlife News spotlights pollinators and their problems, how we’re helping them, and things everyone can do. Read some of the stories :

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