Ideas for How You Can Enjoy Wetlands

Top: Blue-winged teal by Krista Lundgren/USFWS || Bottom left: Joanna Gilkeson/USFWS || Right: kite flying at Huron Wetlands Management District by Bridgette Flanders-Wanner/USFWS


Credit: Michael Lusk / Creative Commons

Boating, Canoeing, and Kayaking

Credit: Mary Lou Dickson

Bird and Wildlife Watching

A great blue heron. Credit: Keenan Adams / USFWS


Credit: Dave Hensley / Creative Commons

Hunting and Fishing

Credit: Katie Theule / USFWS

Learning about Nature

Credit: Friends of the Cache River Watershed / Creative Commons

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving? Yes, you Read that Right!

Photo credit: Tandem/USFWS
Palms drape over clear water at Strawn Island, one of more than 50 islets at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific. Credit: Laura Beauregard / USFWS



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