Ironwood trees and branches fell during winter storms at Midway Atoll in December and early January, resulting unfortunately in the loss of numerous eggs and adult albatrosses. This albatross nest is among several of the lucky ones who were near missed by the flying branches and debris. Photo credit: Pam Repp/USFWS

Increased Winter Storms Impact Wildlife and Infrastructure at Midway Atoll

After enduring weeks of strong winds, the seaplane hangar collapsed during a torrential downpour on January 13. This hangar for seaplanes was built in 1940 and it was one of the first buildings constructed for the U.S. Naval base. Photo credit: Pam Repp/USFWS
A large ironwood branch falls on both sides of perhaps the luckiest of albatross nests at Midway Atoll during the winter storms. Hundreds of ironwood branches fell during the winter storms at Midway Atoll during December and early January, and several branches unfortunately crushed many albatross eggs. Photo credit: Pam Repp/USFWS



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