FOCUS by Usine IO acceleration program will be launched at Station F on October, 2nd

FOCUS by Usine IO presents its selection of 6 innovative and ambitious small companies themed around the autonomous vehicle and connected mobility business :

As FOCUS is an acceleration program of 4 months duration, the theme will change as the partners at every new batch/season. The first batch starts on October, 2nd 2017 with 6 startups and ends on February, 2nd 2018.


Tagline : Connecting vehicles.
Website :
Country : Italy
Product : The device 2Hire turns your vehicle into a connected car through its OBD port. It also enhances fleet management by collecting and exploiting the data flow straight from the vehicles.


Tagline : We allow cities to breathe, clean air.
Website :
Country : United Kingdom
Product : CGON manufactures a range of hydrogen fuel additive systems designed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, increase fuel efficiency and keep diesel particulate filters clean.


Tagline : Vision in Motion. Keep your eyes on the road with Toucango.
Website :
Country : France
Product : Innov+ designs innovative face-tracking technologies at man’s service. The company develops in particular Toucango, a smart driver’s vigilance assistance solution. It aims at reducing car accidents due to drowsiness and distraction at the wheel.

Newron Motors

Tagline : We design, co-manufacture and sell a high-end electric motorcycle. 
Website :
Country : France
Product : Newron motors develops a new range of high-end electric and connected motorcycle. By developing new technologies, they change the way of riding. Newron is the new Tesla, as if Tesla has made its own motorbike.


Tagline : High-tech solutions for the subsea projects
Website : coming soon
Country : France
Product : Seadataquest develops high tech solutions, in particular a first submarine drone, for the subsea projects with the aim of serving clients with data acquisition and management.


Tagline : Logistics Automation
Website :
Country : Switzerland/Germany
Product : TeleRetail automates regional logistics to save millions of users billions of hours while minimizing the ecological footprint of transportation. Its Logistics Automation Platform combines almost any mode of transport — Including couriers, taxis, drones, and self-driving transporters. Its Self-Driving Transporters automate city logistics as well as intra-logistics for industrial clients. Combined, the company’s technologies reduce the space, cost and energy requirements of local logistics up to 90% — thereby significantly improving the quality of life on planet earth.

Some key figures about FOCUS :

700+ international startups screened
100+ qualified applications
18 pre-selected projects
6 selected startups
3 international startups
3 French startups
A mix of hardware & software-focused startups
1 seaborne startup
3 fully fledged vehicles
3 embedded systems to be integrated in current & future vehicles

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