How to Use ZenCash To Maximize Your Pornhub Experience

M Jay
M Jay
Jul 14, 2018 · 4 min read

ZenCash + Pornhub = Maximum Fun

Fellows (and ladies)! It’s come to my attention that you can actually use crypto to pay for certain, forward thinking, purveyors of adult entertainment. This is an incredible development. I previously wrote a how-to post about (which you should definitely check out!) but while anime babes are hot, human babes are also, hot.

If you’re coming here for the first time, let me lay some ground rules:

  1. Don’t use your personal or family credit card to buy porn. There will ALWAYS be a paper trail, and if you have a spouse or are running for office, things can potentially get messy (pardon the pun, LOL).
  2. Don’t use your personal email to sign up for porn. Make a dummy account; while I still use Gmail, a lot of folks like ProtonMail for it’s anonymous nature.
  3. Use the incognito / private browsing mode on Chrome, Firefox, Explorer (LOL who uses that), Firefox, etc.
  4. Don’t bookmark sites. This defeats the purpose of incognito mode.
  5. Don’t use a public computer. Viewing porn at the library is not cool, man.

Now, on to the good stuff. Pornhub is literally the gold standard of adult entertainment sites. Here’s the thing: most guys (and girls!) just use the free version, without realizing that they are being crushed by ads and low resolution. Pornhub actually offers true 4k and 1080p videos, but you have to pay for them. Up until now, that’s been awkward, because of the aforementioned credit card situation, but we finally have a solution: Zencash allows totally private, anonymous payments with no paper trail or credit bill.

Here is the other, HUGE advantage. Because you must pay in advance and verify each payment: THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC REBILLING. This is huge, if you’ve ever been sucked into a subscription service (Xbox Live, anyone?!) and been billed repeatedly, even if you don’t use it often.

Anyway, let’s get rolling! Here’s how to do it. I design my step-by-step guides with the suburban dad (or mom!) in mind, so while this may seem basic, keep in the mind that not everyone is a Neo from the Matrix. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Go to and click the Sign Up button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Select Pornhub Premium. We’re high rolling over here, people.

Step 3: Click through the screen that says “Start Free Week of Pornhub Premium.” This free week does not apply to us because we are not paying with a credit card; remember, services that offer free weeks or months are just trying to harvest your info so they can rebill you when you forget that you signed up for it!

Step 4: This is the tricky part! In small grey text, click the link that says Use Crypto Currency.

Step 5: You’ll see a screen like this. Notice that it does not offer the free week anymore (but this is a GOOD thing!)

Step 6: Click the payment option you prefer, then click Start Your Membership Now. It’ll say Verge initially, so you need to actually select ZenCash (the superior currency, imo).

Step 7: Use the “Send to Address” to send your Zen. You have a multitude of wallet options, available here:

Step 8: You can monitor the progress of the transaction. Blocks are updated every 2.5 minutes, so you will not be waiting long. One thing to note: Save the Payment ID, in case you need to contact Pornhub Premium support.

Step 9: You’re all set. Keep in mind, you now have access to Pornhub Premium. You can use their URL, or go through the regular Pornhub page. Either way, same result! And remember, this is pay as you go, so no more pesky subscriptions. And this is crypto, so no paper trail and no pesky credit card bills. Finally, remember to choose ZenCash. Spread the word!

Happy viewing!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Happy Pornhub Paladin

Donations accepted only in Zen: znYRWG1xjmSgPWAQSYzaUR6mCbSWuRMLEgg

Using ZenCash Online

M Jay

Written by

M Jay

Using ZenCash Online

Using ZenCash to Buy Stuff!

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