Our Seoul Journey

Follow the journey of Kathryn and her best friend, As she traveled to Seoul for this autumn season.

Photo taken by Usnaper

Why Korea?

My friend and I was actually attracted by how influential Korean culture is, at the same time we would like to experience the beautiful autumn foliage in Korea. We are actually high school and college friends but we are going to different universities so we wish to tick off our ‘To-do-list’ together while we still have the chance to do so.

What we love about Seoul?

Things that I love about Seoul is simply uncountable. At first, i was pretty worried that communication will be a main problem during our travel but in fact the locals we met were all friendly and helpful. For example, we did ask for help from the locals about directions to a place. Even though some of them could not speak well in English but they are still willing to help by using body language or even bring us to the place. Koreans are so well-mannered, even a bus driver greets every passengers on board. Besides loving the culture, the weather here during autumn is just nice! We love being surrounded by autumn leaves and the cooling air is perfect to dress up without looking too bloated like in winter.

Our photoshoot experience with USNAPER

It was our very first photo shoot together and we seriously enjoyed the whole process! The Hanbok plus staffs were so helpful in guiding us on choosing the perfect hanbok that fits us and even styled our hair with accessories. Our USNAPER photographer Tanica was super-duper friendly and easy to communicate with. She even discussed with us about styles of photos we prefer and also helped us in posing to get gorgeous photos. She was so patient by waiting for us to change our costumes and she even brought us all the way to Bukchon Hanok Village. Last but not least, we were amazed by her speedy editing skills as photos were delivered just one day after the photoshoot.
In conclusion, we are feeling lucky to be given an interesting experience like this. This would be part of the most memorable moment in Seoul. Thank you Usnaper, Hanbok plus and photographer Tanica :)) !!!

Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul. (Taken by Usnaper)

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Disclaimer notice: This review was written by our client itself, Usnaper posted this on behalf of their permission.

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