She said “Yes Oppa!”

When foreign tourists heard about Korea, one thing sure came up to their mind! “Korean Dramas they said”. The same exact reason is what brings Abby to come to Korea, her love for Korean dramas, from Winter Sonata to the Goblin is what brings here. Well i mean which girl doesn’t like to watch Korean Dramas ?! Those romantic “Sarangheyo — I love you” scenes, white sparkling snows, and those kisses that makes your heart skips a beat, who can’t resist them! But oh wait, did we forget to mention the handsome Oppas as well ?!. Just like those romantic K-Drama scenes, little did Abby know that this trip would turn out to be very special for her, as her handsome “Oppa” assigned us for a special task in capturing photos for their proposal at Nami Island.

Abby and Jimson in Nami Island

Weeks before they both came to Korea, her fiance Jimson; our customer, has called us before hand to arrange for a special proposal photo shoot in Nami Island with Abby, the lucky girl who caught his heart. Jimson informed us on how important this day would actually be for him, we understand his concerns and to make sure that everything was in path, we directly arranged for a shoot by assigning one of our most talented photographers on our service, Wildy. The proposal finally took place, and everything went out smoothly just as expected, Abby said yes, and everything falls right into place. As we are writing this blog, we want to wish them all the best for their future family, much love and happiness, Usnaper ~ :).

Enjoy their story down below.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Jimson & my fiance’s name is Abby, and we come from Alberta, Canada. Abby and I have been together for 3 years now. We like to travel a lot and we met in one of our classes in school.

Winter Sonata statue

Why did you choose to travel to Nami Island?

Abby is so into Korean dramas such as Winter Sonata, Goblin, and many more and I really love the food so we both decided to go and do a side trp to Seoul on our way to the Philippines for our vacation. Little did she know that I was already planning the proposal.

Jimson proposed Abby

What does this pictures and memories mean to you?

It’s really nice to have a photo of the proposal so I will have something to look back even years after we get married. That way we can easily remember the moment when I proposed to my partner.

Can you tell us more on your photoshoot experience with our photographer, Wildy.

Abby and I did a lot of research before we went to Seoul, including the food, weather, what clothes to wear and transportation. That’s when we came across a website called USNAPER. Someone uploaded a vlog on Youtube that they hired a local photographer for a couple of hours during their trip to Seoul. So we thought that it’s actually a smart thing to do instead of taking selfies by yourself, why not get someone to take pictures for you while you’re on a trip.

Also, it was very convenient for me since I was actually planning to do the proposal. I didn’t have to hide it to Abby that I hired a photographer because she’s already aware that people usually does it when they are in Seoul. I sent an email to USNAPER and I got a very quick response from one of their agents, his name is William. He was very helpful and accomodating. He then referred me to Wildy, (one of their photographers) who’s really a really nice guy and from there we planned out everything.

She said Yes

We met at the train station early in the morning and then went to Nami Island together. We we’re lucky enough that we somehow got to the island earlier because there’s a wave of tourists came in the afternoon. We had a quick brunch at one of the restaurants to get us going for the day and then we did the photo shoot and it was really fun. Although we we’re not used to Photoshoots but Wildy, our photographer guided us and really helped us to get more comfortable during the photo shoot.

Then I finally did the proposal as what we planned. It was little challenging for us because there were some people walking around, biking and cars passing by. But gladly I was able to do it and I’m really thankful especially to Wildy who was very patient to us. He really did an awesome job with all those pictures.

Your views and reviews on Usnaper?

I like how USNAPER website is very easy to access online. The website itself, and the agents are very helpful. At a very low cost you can afford a photographer and will really give you a chance to capture the moment.

Lastly, Would you recommend Usnaper to others ?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Usnaper to my friends and other people who needs to hire a photographer.

Thanks Jimson for trusting us for your important day!

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