A Christmas Card from the USSbriefs Team

Message to our friends and colleagues in UK Higher Education

USSbriefs team

Dear Friends and Colleagues

A lot has happened in the eight months or so since USSbriefs went live in early April 2018. Here’s our founding press release.

USSbriefs now consists of 19 team members, and the community now numbers around 6,000 of us. (We aren’t including the folks from senior management teams, Universities UK, and USS Limited who obviously read USSbriefs but can’t bring themselves to follow us on Twitter 😉)

There have been highs and lows … and lots of campaigns (e.g. @OpenUPP2018; #ResileAndResubmit) and ‘gallows humour’ (USSbriefs Power Wonking; USS Wars).

We’ll recharge over Christmas and New Year’s with lots of mince pies and mulled wine 🍷, and we’ll be ready for everything that 2019 will bring because, let’s face it, 2019 isn’t going to be a piece of cake 🍰. You can count on us being with you every step of the way.

We thank all of you for your support ✊, and for continuing to inspire and motivate us every day to research and disseminate information on USS pensions — and everything else that our embattled universities face 🎓. If you wish to contact us about the issues and causes that you are fighting for, please DM us on Twitter or drop us a line on ussbriefs@gmail.com.

Hope you get some well-deserved rest. With best wishes to you and your families and friends.

USSbriefs team