USSbriefs tweet threads

A timeline of USSbriefs tweet threads relating to the USS dispute (not a complete archive)

Compiled by the USSbriefs team



“What, if anything, have you learned…since the start of the dispute over #USS in Feb 2018?” BILL GALVIN responds: blames governance of scheme for failing to produce solution; argues discussions “have been less than open & transparent” …

Employers & academics rail against new #USS contribution rate — at @pensions_expert (a service from the Financial Times) Both @USSbriefs (a “group of academic activists”) and @DrJoGrady — (pensions expert and member of #USSbriefs) are extensively quoted …

The full letter by Michael Whitby about Birmingham’s cut to staff research time, quoted in THE yesterday, has been published online

Breaking USS news Oxford University rejects USS’s call for ‘contingent contributions’ to support the 2018 valuation, and questioned its refusal to implement the JEP in full: ‘The University has rejected the argument for contingent contributions’ …

A belated little video congratulating USSbriefs team members @DrJoGrady @NJSHardy and @deepa_driver for being elected to the UCU National Executive Committee. Please enjoy with the sound on #USSstrike #aesthetic #UCU #DEANTRBL

Yesterday Court of Appeal rules UK’s PREVENT guidance to universities are unlawful. Given @UniversitiesUK @AlistairJarvis have enthusiastically supported the implementation of PREVENT in UK universities, what do they intend to do now? #YesUniCan #MadeAtUni


Short thread on #UCU National Dispute Committee UCU’s #USS National Dispute Committee have formulated a motion calling for full implementation of the JEP and no increase in member contributions for branch general meetings. See 1/

Listen to anonymous voices voicing your — #USSstrike participants’ — anonymous testimonies. Hear #USSbriefs66 #GoodwillHunting by @gailfdavies on Soundcloud … A glorious example of the larger #USSbriefs community at work. Here’s how it happened … 1/

NEW USSBRIEF. Gail Davies @gailfdavies (University of Exeter), “Goodwill hunting after the USS strike” in #USSbriefs66 #LongRead #USSstrike #LoveHE #USStoo #GoodwillHunting



UPDATE: two documents regarding Trinity College Cambridge’s plan to exit USS, aka #Trexit, leaked to @AcFreedomWatch Trinity has been working with XPS consultancy (@xpsgroup), whose work for other employers played a part in undermining the 2017 valuation


Bill Galvin’s latest defence of #USS’s approach — which continues to emphasise the need to understand “the willingness of employers to increase contributions in response to short-term market shocks or to provide other forms of security”


University of Liverpool drops plans for campus in Egypt, according to @Fiona__McIntyre reporting for @HE_Analyst #YesUniCan


1/ As we digest UUK’s announcement of their JEP appointees, let’s stay vigilant over the calamity unfolding at some UK institutions. @AcFreedomWatch posted a series of documents related to University of Liverpool’s @ULivUCU2 “voluntary severance”. Let’s take a look. #USSstrike


Dear readers, how are you doing on Sunday night? We’ll have a flurry of activity this week, so while we all wait for the content, let’s do a team roll-call, so you get to know us! Listed in alphabetical order by surname. #USSstrike #teamwork #USSbriefs