What about her…?!!!

I was strong enough to handle your hits.

But what about her?

How do you think she would bear the pain?

She’s young, naive, and extremely weak.

She’ll die while still maintaining her veil.

She doesn’t have anyone to save her, unlike me.

What do you think will happen to her?

I’ll tell you…

She’ll blame herself day and night.

For every word she has ever said.

For every move she has ever made.

She’ll convince herself, that she has done something.

Something wrong that made you leave.

She’ll try her best to be strong.

Even when she’s breaking inside.

And when she sees you with your new love.

She’ll start doubting her own reflection.

She’ll contemplate the could haves.

Instead of focusing on the would haves.

She’ll do whatever it takes to prove herself.

Even if it’ll make her lose her principles.

So let me ask you again!

What about her?

Although, I know you won’t reply…

You’re a coward…