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Brandon Fugal photographed by Ori Media for Utah Business.

What we are witnessing could be evidence that we live in a multi-dimensional universe. That we are not alone. That we may be interacting with other entities, other intelligence,” says Brandon Fugal, real estate mogul and investor in the now infamous Skinwalker Ranch.

Once owned by hotel financier and billionaire Robert Bigelow, the ranch is a 512-acre parcel of land in Utah’s Uinta Basin long reputed to be rife with paranormal activity. …

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Many Americans were awakened to the ongoing racial prejudices in this country after the murder of George Floyd by officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis in late May. Floyd’s last breaths caught on camera forced many to acknowledge the pain and the treatment that so many Black Americans face on a daily basis and have continued to face for centuries. This realization brought about a deep dive into the history of policing in this country.

In Colonial America, informal “night watch” groups were formed to keep order and prevent gambling and prostitution or to take on special requests by rich colonists…

When Rebecca Cade, a former sideline reporter for Real Salt Lake was asked to describe the culture at her former workplace in an August 2020 article for RSL Soapbox, she used one word: “toxic.”

Cade had only worked at the organization for six months but told RSL Soapbox that there were several instances where she felt some of the organization’s executives had behaved inappropriately towards her. One instance, she details, involved Andy Carroll, the former chief business officer at RSL, discussing her body over glasses of scotch with her male coworkers.

“I didn’t really ask for specifics, but I know…

In January 2015, Rashanda McCants and Devon Ramsay, former student-athletes at the University of North Carolina, sued their university for academic fraud and for not educating student-athletes to the level at which they were promised.

They claimed that their education was insubstantial, enrolling them in classes that were part of a “shadow curriculum” that required little to no work or were non-existent in order to elevate grades and provide schedules that would deem their athletes eligible to compete.

In seeking damages, the students wished to return to their university to take different classes and receive more substantial degrees to help…

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Rebecca Zimmermann recently decided to move to Hawaii. She’d been working as an account coordinator for Double Forte, a creative agency out of San Francisco, when stay-at-home orders forced the company’s six office spaces to close. One month into closures Double Forte decided to allow it’s employees to work remotely indefinitely.

Zimmermann jumped at the opportunity. “I began thinking of places I could relocate to that would support my lifestyle,” she says. “That’s when I started considering Hawaii. …

When it was announced that Kanye West’s clothing company Yeezy received a PPP loan in the midst of the pandemic, Reddit users took to the platform determined to crucify West. They felt he didn’t deserve the loan. After all, why would West’s company need government assistance when he is worth $1.3 billion and started construction on a new mansion this summer?

But Yeezy wasn’t the only big brand to get a PPP loan. A few weeks later it was announced that other billionaires, including Don Hankey (Midway Car Rental), Alec Gores (Gores Vitac Holding), and Jim Justice’s (governor of West…

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When we started working from home we stopped using our cars and for a brief moment, the clouds parted. We saw a world in which the air we breathe became cleaner and we clung, for a moment, to the hope of a smog-free future. Maybe that could be our future, we thought, if we changed all our gas-powered cars out for electric ones.

Indeed, as carbon emissions plummeted by up to 30 percent worldwide, stock in electric vehicle manufacturers soared by up to 616 percent ―the inverse correlation implying a sort of aspirational environmentalism: The idea that electrification could save…

“My wife [Patrice] and I have cried many nights over this project,” says Ken Bretschneider, founder and CEO at Evermore Park. “This is not a position we wanted or should have gotten into.”

Only eight years ago, Bretschneider invested more than $37 million (and counting) of his own fortune―largely from the sale of his previous startup DigiCert in 2012―to build a sort of live-action theme park in Pleasant Grove, Utah. …

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On Utah’s travel industry site, the tagline reads: “Perfect powder, rugged red rock, alpine lakes, and more. If Utah don’t got it, you don’t need it.”

Many Utah businesses highlight easy access to ski resorts, the lakes and water activities, and the gorgeous national parks as recruiting efforts to entice out-of-state job candidates. But as those companies look to recruit more diverse talent, it may take more than the outdoors to convince people to embrace Utah.

The outdoors weren’t always friendly to Black communities

In the summer of 1964, both the Wilderness Act and the Civil Rights Act were passed. The two may not seem related but for…

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Sahil Lavingia raised $8 million between Seed and Series A rounds, opened offices in San Francisco, and managed 23 full-time employees. He planned to build a billion-dollar company and he was well on his way to doing so, all he needed was a $15 million Series B.

For Lavingia, during the six years he spent in San Francisco, his business Gumroad was his whole identity. He did nothing but eat and work, and he can’t recall going out on a single date during that time. He read business books on the weekends and had an office in SOMA. …

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