3. Shyamaku Juhara

Utkala Sangita

A signature Odissi Classical Song by the Poet Gopalakrushna Pattanayaka, this is set to the Raga Mishra Kafi. Mishra Kafi means a ‘mixed’ form of the Raga Kafi, that is, the Raga has not been employed in its pristine state. The fast tempo and catchy tune make this composition an all-time favourite.


Again, my aim is not to present these songs flawlessly and perfectly (though I shall try to my best) but to remind people of the classic tunes. And please keep in mind that I have to increase the tempo of some songs to keep them within Twitter’s 30 second video limit.


ଶ୍ୟାମକୁ ଜୁହାର, ତାର ପ୍ରେମକୁ ଜୁହାର ମା’
ସେ କରୁ ଗୋ ସେ ପୀରତି ଯା’ ଲୁହାର ମା’ ॥
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