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Elon Musk has Left Twitter

Michael K. Spencer
Jun 17 · 3 min read

Father’s Day had a special significance in 2019 for the internet, it was the day Elon Musk closed his Twitter account. June 16th, 2019.

One of the more entertaining Twitter accounts, Musk got in trouble with the SEC and hurt Tesla’s stock share with some of his tweets that were impulsive and apparently not vetted properly.

Elon musk is part visionary, part car salesman in recent years, and now SpaceX is worth more than Tesla in a bizarre turn of events on Wall Street.

The Visionary Maverick Takes No Prisoners on Twitter

In a better world, SpaceX and BlueOrigins could merge if Musk and Bezos ever learned to see eye to eye for the colonization of Mars. Elon Musk however, from his warnings on AGI to his new companies, is a hard man to hate. He’s just a really lovable guy.

Still when you have 27 million followers on Twitter, and you quit Twitter, it’s a day to be remembered.

Still, in an era of POTUS and Musk, saying you are leaving Twitter could just be a publicity stunt. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he “just deleted” his Twitter account. But is it even real? He made his statement in a tweet, but the account still appeared to be active after the post. The usual Musk-like stunt and ambiguity.

Elon Musk’s Settlement with the SEC

Musk is only months removed from a settlement with the SEC regarding his Twitter use. Tesla’s shares have taken a beating and he’s probably feeling a bit humble, if that’s entirely possible.

He has, moreover, left Twitter users confused after he claimed to have deleted his social media account and changed his display name to “Daddy DotCom.”

So there are about 10,000 comments on his goodbye tweet. Clearly this guy is liked by someone out there.

Profile of a Smart Car Salesman

In recent years his behavior on Twitter has been getting more erratic with a string of bizarre tweet wars. The problem is, of course, when you are a corporate leader and your tweets show a poor psychological state, it’s hard to reconcile for some shareholders. Is crazy the new cool? We live in an era of Trump so the rules of Twitter have been bending.

The billionaire is only months removed from a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding his Twitter use. Was leaving Twitter a condition? It’s not clear, nothing is ever clear with Elon Musk.

The SEC alleged that in February, Musk broke the terms of a November penalty, following his notorious “funding secured” tweet about taking his car company private. Tweets relating to Tesla have damaged the brand’s reputation. Elon Musk has been negligent to a very warped degree here.

Musk’s deal with the SEC requires that a lawyer must approve any of his social media posts that may include material information about Tesla.

Should Tweets be Regulated?

Under the agreement, Musk agreed that he would not tweet about Tesla, finances, production numbers and other specific information without first getting a lawyer’s approval. A federal judge approved the settlement in May.

Will this signal a change in Elon Musk’s behavior? Why doesn’t he just start a YouTube Channel? Wouldn’t that be more entertaining? I personally try to get all of the footage I can about him talking about and warning about artificial general intelligence. There at least he makes sense. Some of his SpaceX presentations seem morbidly optimistic. His promises with product timelines are exceedingly entertaining.

We still love you, Elon Musk, even if you have to curb your Twitter practices for legal reasons.

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