Facebook’s Future Architecture Reloaded

The move to walled gardens and privacy architectures is in view.

Michael K. Spencer
May 2 · 7 min read

F8 Keynote Summary by the Verge

Facebook’s Pivot to Encrypted Chat and a Privacy Architecture

Facebook’s pivot to encrypted chat is also about hitting the refresh button on our private data and how Facebook will monetize how we make new friends.

Do you have a Secret Crush on a Facebook Friend?

Facebook’s social graph is aging and full of long-lost acquaintances and hometown friends you don’t care much about seeing in the News Feed any more. But Facebook is now testing a pivot away from its core identity of connecting you with existing friends so it can revitalize the social graph and keep people coming back.

Facebook will be monetizing chat, dating and peer-to-peer transfers in the coming years in ways that makes advertising in micro video stories seem just like one feature.

  • In this way, CHAT-DATING-P2P play for Facebook is not just immersive, it’s how it rejuvenates its declining value to the average global monthly active user.
Privacy Reference to Homeland

Advertising & Privacy Aren’t Really Compatible — or Are They?

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t just want to turn Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram into the megalodon of secure communications, he wants to make you think it’s a great thing for you, this centralization of all of its apps.

  • It’s not clear if BigTech will face legal repercussions for either their data practices or duopoly infractions in advertising with anti-trust violations regarding fair competition. Repercussions thus far seem to have come mostly from Europe.
Scott Galloway

The Matrix is Coming

Mark Zuckerberg has discovered privacy and decided to meld his three dragons (Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram) to form the next attention economy Matrix.

What Apple is doing with subscriptions and Facebook is doing with encrypted Chat — who knew? — but it’s the beginning of the Matrix. This could be the point where human technology’s designs to “capture” attention become so profitable, all the safe guards are basically left off. This is not a privacy issue, it goes so far beyond that.

Facebook’s Unity is another kind of Tyranny

Facebook’s business has continued to grow over the past year, as it was repeatedly faced with privacy scandals. Its unified encrypted chat could be the kind of utility that gives it another ten years of control over the future of the internet. Even if Google has YouTube, Facebook has the world.

Facebook’s Architecture to Retain Its Empire

The F8 conference sheds a lot of new light on product development that’s worthy to mention:

  • Instagram is trialing a “private like counts” feature which would hide the “likes” a post attracts from viewers, but not the account owner.
  • There will be more “ephemeral” ways to share content in messages — meaning there will not be a permanent record of them.
  • A WhatsApp secure payment service trialed in India is to be rolled out to other countries later this year.
  • The Facebook app is being redesigned to make community groups central to the news feed — and the distinctive blue branding is going. The redesign is rolling out in the US and then more widely straight away.
  • Instagram posts will no longer have to start with a photo or a video. It will be possible to share content using just text, stickers or drawings, thanks to a new “create” camera mode.

Facebook “Dating”

  • Facebook is adding a “secret crush” feature to its Facebook Dating tool.
  • It will allow users to discover if they and their friends have mutual crushes on each other.
  • Facebook Dating is also expanding to more than a dozen new countries — but there’s still no word on when it’s coming to the US.


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