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Hong Kong and Taiwan are Doomed

Michael K. Spencer
Jun 12 · 3 min read

In the emergence of China as a super power and witnessing the riots of June, 2019, it’s clear to me that Hong Kong and Taiwan will sooner rather than later be totally submerged in China’s police-state mentality.

I feel so sad for Hong Kong’s young protesters, apparently back with a vengeance as all-out chaos erupts on city’s streets due to Beijing’s increasing pressure even legally now on Hong Kong.

Listen, I don’t even pretend to understand the intricacies of Hong Kong protests over China’s extradition bill. But one thing is clear, China won’t back down at reclaiming total control over splinter colonies like Hong Kong and then Taiwan in the 2020s.

In the Cold Tech War, Taiwan will be increasingly caught in the crossfire. While Western companies like Google and others use Taiwanese coders and tech graduates as cheap labor, China eventually will have to step in. Taiwan’s plummeting fertility rates and economy will necessitate closer ties with China. Even as their culture is more aligned in some ways with America than China, to whom many are ethnically and historically related.

China is even being critical of foreign politicians who are condemning the Hong Kong extradition bill. That’s crazy. China has to understand how the world view its pushing its influence down the throats of its own colonies. People deserve freedoms and human rights.

American young people don’t even protest like this. They are too busy not caring, immersed in a digital wasteland. Meanwhile Asian young people have to stand up even for their basic rights or finally getting same sex marriage legalized.

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Hong Kong and Taiwan are “Doomed”

So it’s kind of sad to see China ascertaining its control over Hong Kong, and I’m sure it will happen to Taiwan soon enough in various ways, possibly leading to an all-out invasion of the rogue island. The Hong Kong protests just mirrors things to come for the world’s reaction to an increasingly tyrannical China.

Obviously the South China Morning Post (SCMP) has been covering this in mid-June pretty well. Americans typically only feel stuff when it’s in their backyard. So as North Americans, we don’t think of China all that much, but their control over the internet, AI and the future is going going to increase as they become the pivotal economy in the global economy as a whole.

How they force Hong Kong, Taiwan and even eventually places like Australia to their conformity, system, values and scripts will be incredible. This could also be a source of considerable global tensions and social and political unrest. The Chinese Government could easily become a regime that does things for which Chinese citizens abroad will be punished, much like the facade of “terrorism” and Muslims all over the world. Think about it, you are from Taiwan and your reputation globally might be impacted simply because China thinks you don’t really exist.

1989 Tiananmen Square Lives

Taiwan’s future autonomy is more or less doomed. Hong Kong demonstrations will be squashed.

The ugly scenes of police using tear gas and pepper spray against overwhelmingly peaceful protesters is a violation of international law, it’s not surprising.

China cannot erase its ugly history, in more likelihood it will repeat it. What we are witnessing this week from Hong Kong shows the start of a shift towards increasingly aggressive Chinese expansion. Taiwan better be ready for what’s coming.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, South-East Asia Seas and even Australia are not realistically safe havens any more. It’s only a matter of time before things get worse.

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