Nike Launches a Subscription Service

Just do it — like, why not for kids?

Michael K. Spencer
Aug 12 · 3 min read

We sort of knew Nike would be the first shoe company to launch a sub. Just in time for the back to school retail push, though, this really makes sense.

The launch of a “sneaker club” for kids called Nike Adventure Club will further change, I think, how we see subscription services. With Disney’s streaming service coming, kid subscriptions means families will have new decisions to make now.

When the feet of your child are always growing, you might need new shoes pretty soon! The experience of shoe shopping for young kids is deceptively complex, says Nike. At first glance, it’s all about the child — but, as many parents know, it can be just as much an experience for them. So could a sub make that experience more friction-less?

In a world of digital transformation, even retail brands feel the pressure to become technology companies. This is what Nike is essentially doing, they are just doing it!

Dubbed “Nike Adventure Club,” the latest move sees the brand go after its objectives to become more technology driven — all the while improving their corporate brand image in things like sustainability.

The Next Era of Shopping for Shoes Has Arrived

Here’s how it works:

  • The new program is specifically designed to make shopping easier for parents who struggle to keep up with their quickly growing children’s shoe needs.
    - Club pricing begins at $20 per month, which will ship out new shoes every 90 days. For $30 per month, kids get 6 pairs per year.
    - Instead of taking kids to the store and trying on pair after pair to try to find something the child likes, the new Nike Adventure Club will instead ship anywhere from four pairs to a dozen pairs of shoes per year, depending on which subscription tier parents choose.
    - The club serves kids from sizes 4C to 7Y — or roughly ages 2 to 10.

There’s just a huge sustainability component to this and I think that’s amazing. With Nike’s new and first footwear subscription service for children, Nike Adventure Club will let kids regularly swap Nike and Converse shoes for the right-fitting shoe as their feet — and tastes — evolve.

That’s not just good for kids, that’s good for the planet!

This is a definite upgrade. Nike wanted to make shopping for footwear as convenient as possible for parents.

A Shoe a Month for the Active Kid

For families with really active kids, there’s also a premium option. So for $50 per month, kids will get new shoes every month — a choice that may be excessive except for the most active kids who wear their sneakers every day, play sports or have a tendency to wreck their shoes in short order.

In the program, you can choose from more than 100 different sneaker styles, ranging across the spectrum of performance and sportswear.

Nike allows parents to upgrade or downgrade their subscription at any time, or even put it on pause.

The program — which will include an “adventure guide” in each box to encourage children and their parents to engage in outdoor activities and exploration — also has a sustainable component.

I really like the branding around this of “adventure”, which feels really wholesome, combating obesity and with its green aspect. Retailers need to be leaders in environmental decisions and fitness because if they aren’t, who will?

Nike understands corporate social responsibility and sustainability leadership really well. It also services its community and ecosystem and is showing some innovation of late. In the convenience economy, you need to show you can work with the likes of Amazon, but also keep up with them!

Do you have kids and encourage them to be active? Nike Adventure Club will fulfill its first subscriptions beginning August 12.

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