Snap Spectacles Just Got an Upgrade

Hint: it’s AR-related

Michael K. Spencer
Aug 13 · 3 min read

I don’t even love gadgets that much, but you got to love Snap Inc.’s aspirations for its spectacles. It’s in the shades, bro! My stories are live, in a whole new way!

But listen, we live in a world where Apple’s wearable products make more revenue than Netflix does. Constant iterations of the AppleWatch or even Google Pixel phones do lead somewhere. Well, great.

Snap’s prior forays into the hardware world haven’t been as notable as its popular social media app Snapchat, but the company is apparently committed to seeing how far its Spectacles wearables can go with users. I love that commitment, I feel as if Snap Inc. is truly innovative in all the ways that Facebook’s Portal product wasn’t.

I don’t even care if they look awful, what can they do?

  • They’re $380 and go on sale in November

tl;dr Spectacles 3 glasses include dual HD cameras to capture scenes in 3D and introduce augmented reality Snapchat effects to moments where they weren’t previously an option.

I’d like to think a world with more AR is more fun. Part of why Snap-like stories went viral in the last decade was because of the AR overlays — the added silly immersion AR created in experiences for young people, kids, couples and intimate occasions.

When Tinder profiles lead to Snapchat accounts, you know Gen Z grew up on this app.

The new glasses slightly overlap the twin cameras at the outer edges of sunglass lenses, with carbon black or “hint of gold” mineral-colored steel frames holding the rest of the electronics. LED lights provide recording notifications. That’s good enough, I guess! Still a bit pricey but what’s new, is new.

These are the sorts of hardware gadgets I wish ByteDance made at a steep discount. Snap Inc. is a bit too poor (even with a better stock price) to do R&D and hardware right. It’s expensive and Snap Inc. is deeply in the red. When we talk about platforms that will likely never be profitable, we think immediately of Snap Inc.’s IPO.

Unlike the PR rubbish, just don’t expect the Spectacles 3 to even look vaguely fashionable! It’s just not true. Fact check this. Look at how horrid this thing looks. Ouch, guys!

And that’s super important.

Sporting a weird blend , a hipster-chic mixed with unprovoked nerd couture, Snap’s third Spectacles are certainly unique looking but I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing them! Ugh, yeah.

The company describes Spectacles 3 as a much more limited edition than before. This is because in the past they made way too many overestimating actual demand. Sadly you can’t compete with Apple when you are little guys like FitBit or Snap Inc. — Apple, whose stock can be skewed by Trump tweets about tariff delays.

Also this new model is decidedly more expensive at $380. That’s a lot to pay just to wow your Snapchat friends. For Gen Z that money don’t grow on trees. They are not like TikTok or E-Sports Fortnite influencers, yaknow!

Keep trying, Evan, we still believe in your heartland app. It’s okay if you are a product elitist. Hopefully, Gen Z will have options. Augmented reality is still neat, even if VR and AR never really fulfill their hype. Failed hype are the dreams Silicon Valley spins.

A Snap spokesperson said this year’s model represented a necessary investment in the platform. The company has to figure out a way to do AR computing right, the logic goes, before it can do it cheaply. Haha, okay! Just don’t expect me to pre-order them, then, as your guinea pig.

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