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Tik Tok Adds Video Reactions to Next-Gen App Experiences

The evolution of in-app video stories is really interesting to watch. ByteDance now knows how to build some of the most viral apps in the world, as Douyin (called “TikTok” outside of China) is doing something that’s truly innovative.

What if the era of binary likes, upvotes and Facebook reactions is over and you just respond with a video instead? That’s looking like a likely outcome in the future of micro video apps.

You’d just hit the share icon, a new social feature that allows users to post their reactions to the videos that they watch.

Tik Tok is rather big, even more so since was acquired and then merged into it. Now it’s providing user experiences that essentially eclipse Instagram.

As Engadget reported, you basically have more options now to engage with content.

  • In the “Share” menu, there’s now a “React” option and when you select it, the app will record a video of you as you watch a clip.
  • You’ll then be able to move your reaction video around the screen to place it where you want.

If WeChat brought us things like “mini-programs” and so much utility never seen in Western apps, such as a now cashless society in China, ByteDance with Tik Tok is bringing us a video app for a 5G world.

As TechCrunch notes, this trend is instead of text comments, video-native reactions will take the form of videos that are essentially superimposed on top of existing clips.

I personally do not believe in IGTV but believe younger digital natives really like YouTube for its peer-to-peer functionality of high-quality content. Tik Tok, while young, seems to be taking off as the next major app for peer-to-peer fun content.

In a tech world where Asia is now leading the trends, many users in the West don’t even know what Tik Tok is, yet.

The app only launched in its updated form in the U.S. in August, 2018.

This could end up being a future competitor to Snapchat and Instagram because of the content’s vitality and ability to go viral.

ByteDance is aggressively showing companies such as Tencent and Facebook what the future of apps might really be like.

The video reaction feature is a huge product announcement that’s sort of a big deal for the evolution of native-video apps.

After Toutiao, TikTok is showing that ByteDance is probably the best company in the world for delivering app experiences. I’m very bullish on this particular company for how they are contributing to the future of content, since it’s something we aren’t seeing from the West. China’s app ecosystem has become far more interesting in recent years and this will only increase since they have more consumers, are more mobile-native and link social media with E-commerce in a far more tangible way.

The challenge now for ByteDance is can they scale globally outside of Asia? There’s little doubt 2019 will be the defining year of whether they can do it or not.

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