Visualizing the Top 100 Websites in the World

What’s driving the traffic to these Mega Portals

Faisal Khan
Aug 12 · 4 min read

With the explosive growth in the online population over the recent years, we see more people relying on virtual resources for their everyday needs from online shopping, e-learning, searching for information, communicating and a whole lot more. The websites of companies in these areas have seen explosive growth in their traffic numbers concurrently.

Today we are going to look at the Top 100 of these websites with the data collected from SimilarWeb as the internet population of the world crosses 4.4 billion. You might notice the absence of huge mobile platforms Snapchat & WeChat since they serve their clientele mainly through their Apps.

The Top 100 websites featured in the infographic below generated a total of 206 billion visits in June 2019 alone. Claiming a spot in this coveted list, a website needed to have around 350 million visits in any single month. Let’s comb the list a little further to analyze the information presented in detail.

General Trend — Search Engines were by far the runaway winners in the list with Google (United States), Baidu (China) & Yandex (Russia) featuring at Number 1, 4 and 11 respectively. No wonder why “Just Google it” comes up in our daily conversations so often. Video streaming has become another important component of internet consumption.

With high-powered smartphones & wireless companies offering bigger data plans, the appetite of users to binge-watch tv shows to uploading videos on platforms like YouTube, Douyin and Instagram has increased significantly. Live streaming is becoming ever so popular with platforms like Netflix. Twitch — a gaming-focused platform, owned by Amazon now ranks 30th on the list with viewership so strong that it passes many of the major U.S. cable networks on any given night.

Ranking — The search engine behemoth Google reigned supreme claiming the top spot in the ranking. It is one website which can be called the undisputed champion in nearly every country of the World. Google actually had 11 different domains in the top 100 ranking. Coming in a close second was also the popular video platform & Google’s subsidiary YouTube, followed by social media giant Facebook at Number 3.

Google’s international websites actually brought in traffic of about 90 billion visits in a month. Notable exceptions to Google’s dominance are homegrown search engines like Baidu in China & Yandex in Russia which are giving a tough time to Google in their respective domestic markets. Also worth mentioning is DuckDuckGo — a privacy-focused search engine presenting itself as an alternative to Google. The message seems to be resonating with the users as it crosses 500 million visits per month.

Old Guard Renewal— Portals like MSN and Yahoo are showing impressive traffic numbers after staying relevant with important acquisitions. An example of this is Microsoft acquiring Github & LinkedIn which helped the software giant target new markets. While Twitch’s acquisition by Amazon proved to be a good bet for the e-commerce giant in bringing new traffic.

Similarly, Facebook is being lifted by Instagram. Google is not sitting down on its laurels either as it champions the AMP Project to help them improve the performance of the mobile pages. The AMP project has become one of the biggest websites in the World as it transitions to becoming a foundation.

Geographical Spread — Although the Internet is a global network but the majority of the top websites still originate from the United States. Here is a breakdown of the global dominance of the top domains with the biggest traffic generator in brackets:

⮞ United States 60 (Google)

⮞ China14 (Baidu)

⮞ Japan7 (Yahoo Japan)

⮞ Russia5 (Yandex)

⮞ United Kingdom4 (BBC)

⮞ Canada 3 (PornHub)

⮞ Brazil — 3 (Google Brazil)

⮞ India — 3 (Cric Buzz)

⮞ Czech — 1 (XVideos)

The 5 gatekeepers of the Top 100 — namely Alphabet (43.7%), Facebook (12.1%), Baidu (4.9%), Microsoft (3.6%) & Verizon (2.9%) account for more than two-thirds (67.2%) of the internet traffic.

The Chinese tech big names like Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent have shown strong performance domestically but it remains to be seen if they can truly become global giants by overcoming the government firewall, as the market matures in China.

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Discovering the optimal lifestyle of the future.

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