Waymo has the Best Chance to Scale Autonomous Vehicles

There are a lot of startups and automobile companies implicated in the future of a driverless future for cars, fleets of vehicles and transportation.

Still head and shoulders above the others stands Waymo, Alphabet’s 10-year-old startup. To put this in perspective, the future estimated valuation of Waymo keeps rising. Morgan Stanley basically upgraded their valuation of Waymo from $75 Billion to $175 Billion recently and it shows how big Waymo could become. It could be for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, one of the big drivers of revenue for the future.

  • Morgan Stanley says Waymo, Google’s self-driving car unit, could be worth $175 billion, its highest valuation yet.

Alphabet’s autonomous driving unit Waymo is likely the world’s most tested autonomous vehicle software and AI out there. As they iron out the details in places like Phoenix, Waymo cars could be going viral soon in cities across North America.

Waymo has racked up over eight million self-driving miles since the former Google Car project kicked off almost a decade ago. If you include what it’s done in virtual reality, it’s far far more.

So basically after more than eight million self-driving miles, Waymo is preparing to commercialize in 2018 and 2019. Waymo is nearly ready to hit prime time.

From a Stanford team to a DARPA challenge, Waymo has come a long ways since 2005.

Villegas in a Firefly test vehicle. Waymo

As Google Home expands in 2018 as if it were on a mission, the Google Car is coming and years before Apple or Uber. There are literally dozens of autonomous vehicle startups about now and an automobile industry pouring $billions into it, but Waymo has been at this for a while.

How the smart car sees the world is indeed a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. LiDAR and a ton of data make what once seemed impossible or rather unlikely, as pretty imminent to our urban life.

How a Google Car sees the world. Waymo

So fast forward to 2018, Waymo will basically soon be worth three times what Uber is worth. That’s the reality of this: Google has an ace up its sleeve with Waymo and what Google Maps is becoming.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles joined up with Waymo in 2017, providing the self-driving startup with Pacifica minivans. The story of Waymo is just beginning.