Tipping XRP on Alexa is coming

What if You Could Tip Anyone with Crypto on Twitter, Reddit or Discord?

I’ve always felt that cryptoeconomics changes the internet for the better, whether that’s a digital asset in a video game or providing better incentives for content creators.

I also very much like the idea of this occurring via Alexa and personal assistants.

XRP Tipping Could Soon Be Available on Amazon’s Alexa

So that’s exactly what might occur with a new app integration. The third-party app is still pre-beta and would require Amazon approval to be added to the App Store.

While XRP maybe is not the best example, there is one in development. The XRP Tip Bot, allows Reddit, Discord and Twitter users (Medium would be nice) to send small amounts of XRP to other users and could soon be available in the Amazon Alexa App Store, thanks to a third-party developer.

Why the likes of Square, Venmo and TransferWise don’t do this is beyond me. This tool has been created by a Twitter user.

  • Verbal commands to instruct Alexa to tip different users, e.g. “Send XRP to Tiffany Hayden”
  • The app then uses a voice response to determine how much to send

Alexa Skills and Cryptoeconomics Ubiquity

It’s just a matter of time before smart speakers become ubiquitous for tipping of content online. Video game live-streaming such as Twitch and Mixer have popularized “tipping” online in the West, while on the Chinese internet, mobile payments, virtual gifting and tipping are maybe 10–15 years ahead already.

If Chinese made smart speakers have better “tipping” mechanisms, they could become more used. Incentivizing creators online is sort of a big deal, as influencer marketing scales with digital assets and how cryptoeconomics decentralizes content distribution.

XRP is relatively stable and is currently trading for $0.533, giving the somewhat centralized cryptocurrency a $21.44 billion market cap. The XRP Tip Bot is now also available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Considering Google is somewhat behind in blockchain, it’s doubtful that Google Home would integrate tipping in any relevant way. Amazon however understands the young consumer better and with Twitch would have incentives to integrate tipping with Alexa in more ways which might change the internet forever. You can check out the XRP Tip Bot here.