What is Bilibili as a Chinese GenZ Phenomena?

Michael K. Spencer
Nov 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Douyin, Kuaishou, Momo, iQiy and Bilibili — the way Chinese GenZ consumes video content is changing the world.

Bilibili is not very well known in the west. Bilibili Inc, one of China’s leading online video sharing and entertainment platforms, posted a 76 percent year-on-year increase in its net revenues for the second quarter of this year.

It’s $15 stock on the NASDAQ is probably a steal. Bilibili had 85 million monthly active users, of whom 71.4 million are viewing on mobile devices. The time on site of the DAUs is a bit ridiculous.

Magna meets gaming meets video sharing

The daily average online time was 76.3 minutes. 81.7 percent of Bilibili users were young people born from 1990 to 2009. In addition, the membership retention rate of has exceeded 79 percent for 12 consecutive months. If you believe in GenZ, you have to realize Chinese GenZ are leading the world in how apps will continue to evolve. You can see this with the evolution of ByteDance as the new Facebook for a younger generation.

Bilbili is like where Japanese animation meets YouTube. That’s a niche that’s incredibly valuable.

Bilibili has retained a discipline committee totaling 36,000 members and it keeps expanding and amid rising pressure from Chinese Government content auditors and a crack down on video gaming addiction, how Chinese apps do content governance is years ahead of the West.

As GenZ leads the shift to video consumption, it’s creating a new opportunity for hybrid apps. For instance as the rapid growth of sites blending role-play, film and gaming gives GenZ and younger Millennials a chance to create their own fantasy worlds.

China blocking Facebook and YouTube has resulted in myriad apps that are more engaging, creative and mobile oriented than anything you might find in the West. China’s internet is creating a superior app attention economy. China’s firewall is a competitive advantage to a mobile audience that’s nearly 4x that of the U.S.

China isn’t just winning the race to DIY video, it’s creating an ecosystem of apps that innovate to win fans and large audiences. Bilibili is in this sense, one of the most exciting places around on the internet for animation, gaming and GenZ mobile experiences.

Where live-streaming has failed in the West. China’s unique live gifting features and live-comments means it’s an attention economy that’s fundamentally more dynamic and interactive; all the signature things that GenZ enjoys. Short micro viral video and live-streaming niche communities are a solid trend in China, where these apps can scale globally because they are really superior. DIY is everything, even Instagram stories can attest to this as ‘personal sharing’ online morphs into video.

Bilibili is China’s largest video website for the ACG subculture, ACG is short for anime, comic, and games, all of which are very popular in Asia broadly speaking. GenZ preferences are showing signs that they are leading global in-app consumption trends. TikTok is a reminder of how this change might occur; as we shift to more Chinese apps that offer better and more unique experiences.

China will be the ACG leader of the world. China’s ACG world has more than doubled in the past four years to about 300 million fans whose spending within the subculture averages more than 1,700 yuan a year (as of 2017).

The future is ecletic as people born in the 1990s can attent to and this is Bilibili’s magic sauce — Bilibili offers a bewildering array of material — 70 per cent of it user-generated — including role-playing, quirky personal videos. ACG is the future of UGC which places DIY video as the future of content, in a nutshell.

You can reach more about BILI’s stock here.


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Discovering the optimal lifestyle of the future.

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