Utrum: A Trusted Playbook for Crypto Investors

Solving the Cryptocurrency Trust problems through a Community-Powered Ecosystem Built on Decentralized Blockchain, Crowd Wisdom, and Artificial Intelligence.

What if you could quiet the noise and eliminate the confusion prevalent in cryptocurrency and ICO investing? What if you had a “playbook” of all the most trusted, legitimate, and carefully reviewed upcoming opportunities…whether ICO, funds, already circulating currencies, etc?

And what if the source of this information was a transparent, highly-trusted community of members with supporting Artificial Intelligence?

This is what we are building at Utrum.

It’s About Trust

As lucrative and outlandishly profitable as cryptocurrency investing and trading can be, it is arguably the highest risk investment available to anyone. This is due to a gap between our centralized culture and the nature of decentralization.

When investors who are used to trusting a centralized, regulated system are presented with decentralized and sometimes anonymous projects or investment opportunities, it can be all too easy to apply the same approach of trust. Often this leads to being fooled by slick websites, clever code, and skilled sales pitches.

Many well-meaning investors have lost entire life savings due to this gap in understanding and the lack of a reliable and trusted source of analytics, reviews, and verification of potential investments.

Our goal at Utrum is to bridge this gap, using some of the most powerful decentralized tools available.

What is Utrum?

Utrum is a decentralized platform providing reputation-based and quality-curated Crypto reviews, analysis, and market predictions for cryptocurrency investors and newbies.

The ecosystem utilizes a rewards mechanism to engage participants in contributing to Crowd Wisdom and an intuitive Artificial Intelligence engine.

Crypto Investors, Developers, and Crypto Analysts are brought together through the Utrum network, where contributors are rewarded $OOT Token /coins for reviews/ratings, predictions and analysis.

Through this participation between community, algorithms, and Ai, we envision Utrum as THE trusted source of reviews and information within the crypto-community.

Key Features of Utrum

In designing Utrum, we’ve mapped out some of the key components to achieve this vision and provide a secure, robust, cheat-resistant system.

Following are a few of the important key features built into Utrum:

  1. Comprehensive database of all crypto-related companies and services with team, product and market details.
  2. Reviews, Ratings and in-depth analysis for all crypto-related products and services like Cryptocurrencies / Tokens / Exchanges / Wallets / Investment Funds / Gambling / ICOs. Reviews are populated by crowd wisdom, Artificial Intelligence, and Analysts.
  3. Machine Learning Algorithm “Trust Factor” will learn rating patterns and results as the community grows to avoid fraudulent practices.
  4. Background checks of ICO / Crypto developers by threat analysts.
  5. Technical / Trading / Educational analysis by crypto experts. AI machine learning will improve the reviews and ratings provided by experts.
  6. Contributors are rewarded for their reviews with $OOT tokens.
  7. Members are rewarded for their ratings with $OOT tokens.
  8. Knowledge-base with Crypto articles and videos to educate the Crypto Novice.
  9. Members can ask questions and get professional advice from Experts.
  10. Marketplace to buy and sell crypto-related services.
  11. Institutional Investors and other members can access in-depth analysis and reports of Cryptos and ICOs with a premium subscription.
  12. A community for crypto enthusiasts to meet and network.

Solving the Problems of Existing Reward Mechanisms

Utrum recognizes the challenges associated with ratings systems that are incentive-driven, and how issues can arise from other ratings patters or inauthentic influencers. We are addressing these challenges and intend to solve these problems within our Platform.

Following are some of the ways we are addressing these issues.

1. Pros and Cons — Reviews utilize a pros/cons feature users engage with.

2. Blindfold Rating — Projects and other member reviews are rated by users on a scale of 0–100. The resultant rating is hidden for 24 hours, reducing rating pattern influence and encouraging authentic ratings based on real information.

Reward Payouts

Every review is unique and within a growing community such as Utrum, there will undoubtedly be reviews which are undiscovered for a few days. For this reason the system will reward the contributor for one month by giving them the credit they deserve. Contributors earn $OOT whenever a user finds their articles and provides a rating during this 30 day period.

The $OOT Utility Token Revenue Model

  1. The platform will charge 1% of transaction fees for buying/selling crypto-related services within the marketplace.
  2. Premium subscription revenues are shared with crypto analysts.
  3. Premium features utilized by ICO and Crypto Developers will supply revenue to the platform.
  4. 0.834% APR reward will be given to users holding for an 8 week vesting period.
  5. There is a 216 million total supply of OOT Tokens. 15% of this total supply will be burnt in due course of time. This will happen ONLY with platform revenues. Whenever the platform receives revenue, 15% of revenue will be burned until we reach 15% (32 Million) of total supply (216 Million). This will leave 184 Million tokens at the end. This will occur in a time relevant to the platform growth, with an estimate of 5 years.
  6. Reward payouts will be primarily paid using platform revenue. If the platform revenue is low, payouts are made from the 50% reward pool. As the platform grows, the system will be sustained using only revenue and inflation will remain very low.
  7. There is a two week lock period before releasing contributor payouts.

Sharing Revenue with Platform users

Sharing the platform revenue with users will help us achieve a business model that sustains the platform while fostering community and growth of the crypto-emphasis of Utrum. Our primary focus is to create a community centered and sustainable platform for long term growth and contributing quality for the Crypto Community at large.

Our Vision — Make investing user-friendly with simple scores and ratings

Our platform is people driven and community oriented to enhance safety and trust in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

ICO completed on July 4 and Trading is LIVE on 4 exchanges

List of Exchanges and wallets — https://utrum.io/ootcoin/

To join the conversation, ask questions and learn more, connect with us via one of our social media channels: