Utrum Ecosystem — How it works?


Utrum is a rewarded platform for Crypto reviews, analysis and market predictions, powered by crowd wisdom and Artificial Intelligence. It is a network that connects Crypto Investors, Developers, Newbies, and Crypto Analysts. Contributors can earn $OOT tokens as rewards for their reviews, ratings, predictions and analysis .

Key Features of Utrum

  1. Comprehensive database of all crypto related companies and services with team, product and market details.
  2. Reviews,Ratings and in-depth analysis for all crypto related products and services like Cryptocurrencies / Tokens / Exchanges / Wallets / Investment Funds/ Gambling / ICO. Reviews are populated by crowd wisdom and Artificial Intelligence not just analysts.
  3. Machine Learning Algorithm “Trust Factor” will learn rating patterns and results as the community grows to avoid fraudulent practices.
  4. Background checks of ICO / Crypto developers by threat analysts.
  5. Technical / Trading / Educational analysis by crypto experts. AI machine learning will help to make better analysis along with expert reviews and ratings.
  6. Contributors are rewarded for their reviews with $OOT tokens
  7. Members are rewarded for their ratings with $OOT tokens
  8. Knowledge base with Crypto articles and videos to educate Crypto Novice
  9. Members can ask questions and get professional advice from Experts.
  10. Marketplace to buy and sell crypto related services
  11. Institutional Investors and other members can access in-depth analysis and reports of Crypto and ICO with a premium subscription.
  12. Networking place to meet other crypto enthusiasts

Utrum has found solutions to the most pertinent problems of existing reward mechanisms.

Utrum recognizes the challenges associated with ratings systems that are incentivized, and how issues can arise from other ratings patters or inauthentic influencers. We are addressing these challenges and intend to solve these problems within our Platform.

1. Pros and Cons — Reviews utilize a pros/cons feature users engage with.

2. Blindfold Rating — Projects or other member reviews are rated by users on a scale of 0–100. The resultant rating is hidden for 24 hours, reducing rating pattern influence and encouraging authentic ratings based on real information.

Reward Payouts

Every review is special and there might be users who can discover it after few days. We wanted to reward the contributor for one month by giving them due credit they deserve. Contributors can earn $OOT whenever a user finds their articles and rate them for a period of 30 days.

Utrum Utility Tokens $OOT Revenue Model

  1. Platform will charge 1% of transaction fees for buy and sell crypto related services.
  2. Platform will share premium subscription revenues with crypto analysts
  3. Platform will earn revenues from ICO and Crypto developers for premium features
  4. 5% APR reward will be given to users for a 8 week vesting period.
  5. 216 million total supply. 15% of total supply will be burnt in due course of time. This will happen ONLY with platform revenues. Whenever the platform receives revenues, 15% of revenues will be burned till we reach 15% (32 Million) of total supply (216 Million). 184 Million tokens will be left at the end. It might happen in 5 years depending on the platform growth.
  6. Reward payouts will be primarily paid from platform revenues. If the platform revenues are low, only then payouts are made from 50% reward pool. As the platform grows, the system will sustain on revenues and inflation will be very low.
  7. Two week lock period to release contributor payouts. This will help to stop $OOT flooding the market.

Sharing Revenues with Platform users

Sharing the platform revenues with users will help us achieve the best of both worlds — Crypto and traditional business models. Our primary focus is to sustain utrum platform in the long term.

Our Vision — Make investing user friendly with simple scores and ratings

Our platform is people driven and community oriented to enhance safety and trust in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

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