Utrum is born

Utrum — Social Network for Investors, Developers, Crypto Analysts and Crypto Newbies

Poised to solve the 4 biggest problems in the crypto sphere

The cryptocurrency and blockchain world is still at its budding stage, lots of innovations are constantly being built around it to enhance the ecosystem and making it a thriving economy for all the stakeholders.

As the blockchain ecosystem grows daily at an exponential rate, innovators are constantly flooding the crypto sphere, with all sorts of innovations both genuine and some sort of organized scams, it is gradually getting difficult for authentic innovations to thrive, and investors are no longer showing interest in real innovations and business projects as they are lost in the chaos, we at utrum.io wanted to do something about these pertinent challenges. These were the problems we birthed utrum.io to solve. Utrum is a review platform that gives reviews and ratings about the credibility of any blockchain led innovations through crowd wisdom. The core of utrum is a reputation system called “Trust Factor” that learns as the community grows.

Utrum platform will help investors to decide for themselves which projects are more viable to invest in, educating newbie about blockchain technology, giving developers of blockchain projects a platform to publish their project and finally to give blockchain and cryptocurrency experts a platform to play advisory roles.

The utrum.io concept of Crowdsourcing is very relevant today due to the massive explosion of ICOs, Smart contracts, and digital colored coins, we intend to play the middleman role by providing a common platform that is focused on crypto reviews and ratings and thus ensuring that all parties involved are beneficiaries; the investors are fully advised and protected from scams and help them make better investments, the crypto novice also finds a platform where they are educated with incisive and informed articles and videos to stimulate their knowledge about blockchain and how it works and the subject matter experts review ICO and blockchain related projects, allowing members of the Utrum community to comment and vote which earns them $OOT (utrum tokens). The developers and innovators have a platform where they publish their blockchain related projects to be reviewed by our subject matters experts and get more investors to invest in their projects. By using this strategy and creative business model, utrum.io makes the blockchain ecosystem safe for investment and business opportunities for all the parties involved.

The benefit these four key players stand to get by using utrum.io includes;

For investors

· Investors can easily understand the ICO / Token / Currency, what they are offering, the project and people.

· Investors can follow their existing tokens for interaction, announcements, and news.

· Investors will receive scam alerts reported by other members. (Phishing pages, scams)

· Keep updated with happenings of the crypto world.

· Investors get rewarded with $OOT (utrum tokens) for active participation on the platform.

· Investors can ask advice and tip the contributors.

· Investors can network with community members.

For Crypto Novice

· Learn A-Z of the crypto world with the help of educational articles and videos.

· Understand the glossary, process and how things work.

· Get advice from experts and other active members.

For Makers

· Developers can launch their ICO on platform.

· Developers can feel the pulse of investors and get updated.

· Developers can grow organically based on member votes and reviews.

· Developers can prove their credibility by going through our background checks.

· Developers can find enthusiastic people on the platform to work with them.

· Developers can network with community members.

For Subject Matter Experts

· Contributors can play the investigator roles and will do background checks of developers.

· Contributors who are experts in crypto will do technical analysis and reviews.

· Contributors who are experts in market economics can do market analysis and reviews.

· Contributors can create educational videos and articles which will help new entrants.

· Contributors can earn $OOT (utrum tokens) for their content.

With this business model, utrum.io is poised to educate, inform and reduce risk and loss encountered while doing on cryptocurrency related business. Our platform is people driven and community oriented to enhance safety in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

Visit our website to learn more https://www.utrum.io