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Utrust Roadmap — On the road to adoption

We have a map, and it leads to the future

We are ready to take the next step forward. Utrust has achieved all of its goals in the last three years, and now a new era begins. The company is ready to grow from startup to full blown scaleup status. There are massive changes before us, and some of them are happening right now. We have announced Sanja Kon as our new CEO, which is extremely exciting. It also allows Nuno Correia to dedicate his full-time attention to how this company will lead in creating the future of payments with blockchain and digital currencies.

The changes in personnel, however, are just the start. The company will now focus on growth and on building a leadership structure that will allow this team to reach its full potential. We have a roadmap for 2020, and it leads straight to the future.

The future part 1: Automation

In 2019, we focused on getting some elite companies in their fields to become Utrust merchants. We wanted to explore different verticals and build trust with some of the market leaders in every area. Now, our processes are as seamless as they should be, and we are going to focus on platform scale-up and growth. The goal is to automate all the onboarding processes for our merchants in the first quarter. We are talking about everything. The settlements, the refunds, the withdrawals. It should all happen without the aid of human hands.

The future part 2: A stable coin and new merchants

The second quarter will have two major highlights. We will have a fully operational automatic onboarding process, and we will start accepting a lot more merchants. Our ecosystem will become richer, fuller, and with plenty more choices and opportunities. We also want to integrate a stable coin on our payment platform. Adoption is still the guiding light for a lot of what we do, and a stable coin will allow us to reach a wider audience.

The future part 3: Staking, Cashback and Merchants Referral Program

One of the key aspects of ensuring a smooth transition to scaleup is to ensure that our products keep up with the demands of the larger market share we want to occupy. This means that in the third quarter, we will be introducing some stunning new features for our Utrust Wallet. We will start with cashback and staking. We will also start a merchant referral program to build on the work of the previous quarter and keep expanding our ecosystem.

The future part 4: Building 2021

The fourth and last quarter of the year will be defined by the learning and evolution of 2020. We want to take all the achievements of the third quarter, and build on them so as to give ourselves the most solid possible platform to enter 2021 with the same confidence we are entering 2020. We will focus on growing the platform, building the ecosystem and adding more features to our products.

The future part 5: Beyond

Nuno Correia, who just became Utrust’s Chairman of the Board, is dedicating all of his time and effort to preparing Utrust’s future. This is a roadmap for 2020, but we are not planning our future on a year-to-year basis. This is a company with a vision for the future, and all the tools to ensure it happens. We are entering the decade where digital currencies will become mainstream, and Utrust has every intention of being a leader in this revolution.

We are on the open road, and the trip is as meaningful as the destination. Join us.



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