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Partnership with Zyrgon: a new merchant gateway into the Utrust ecosystem

Welcome to the future of digital currency payments!

UTRUST created a powerful platform to bridge merchants and consumers and provide them with all the benefits of digital currency payments while keeping it business as usual at both ends. We’re bringing the money of tomorrow into our present everyday lives, by making it easy to accept and pay with crypto at a fast-expanding network of online merchants.

To succeed in our quest to mainstreaming digital currency payments, it is pivotal to select the right partners. Sharing the vision, values and goals with our merchants is key to the sustainable growth of the trusted new payments environment UTRUST is building. But crypto adoption potential, e-commerce growth and market opportunity also play a part when deciding which partnership we’re launching next.

Since rolling out with our first live merchant, an A-league player in the sports industry, UTRUST has entered the lucrative markets of electronics and games, but also the cosmetics and jewellery luxury segments. Diverse as they are, our strategic partnerships share the same high growth potential for the UTRUST ecosystem on all levels. Our newest partner is of incredible value to our expanding ecosystem in its own right.

Zyrgon is a full-service digital agency with a reputable portfolio of forward-minded merchants looking for digital solutions to improve their business performance. Partnering with Zyrgon puts Utrust into the payment services radar of all these digitally-oriented companies, giving them the opportunity to lever on the unique advantages of digital currency payments. Now, Zyrgon clients can easily integrate Utrust’s cutting edge technology to accept major digital currencies, enjoying fast and safe payments at low fees. We’re launching our partnership by onboarding Zyrgon’s tourism merchant SOLPLAY. This will be Utrust’s debut in the second-fastest growing sector in the world.

SOLPLAY is an Apartment Hotel development offering 4-star accommodation, facilities and services in lively Lisbon. The light, the food, and charms of the old Portuguese capital got the foreigners attention, and tourism experienced a big boom over the past decade. Lisbon became an “it” city, ranking #2 in the top European destinations and registering an average yearly growth of 10,6% between 2009 and 2017. In 2018, tourism revenues in Portugal reached an all-time high of 2196.02 EUR Million in August and the sector grew high above the European average of 3,1% (with 8,1%). Portugal tourism is still on the rise and posing great growth potential.

Innovation programs and initiatives have put Portugal on the map as tech hub, attracting new international events, companies and talent to Lisbon. UTRUST represents the Portuguese cutting edge business community, and it is proud to welcome guests in Lisbon with easy and safe digital currency payments. Now, anyone can use Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH, Digibyte (DGB) or our native token, UTK, to book their stay at SOLPLAY.

How about yourself? Where is crypto taking YOU next?



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