The money of the future is here (and it’s in your hand!)

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3 min readNov 20, 2019



That is one of the key words for anyone who’s involved in crypto and blockchain. At Utrust, we understand the potential and the transformative power of this technology, and that is why we have made it a core part of our mission to bring it to as many people as possible. We have made adoption a cornerstone of our activity. We want people to use blockchain and crypto not because of its novelty effect, not because the tech aspect of it is fascinating (even though it is), but because it makes their lives better. To do that, we need to create products that are effective, powerful, and work without a hitch.

That is why we have created the Utrust Wallet.

We have created the Utrust Wallet because we want every single person, regardless of who they are, or where they are, to be able to make payments and purchases in a safe, easy and convenient way. We wanted a product that would fit into your life. Regardless of how you lead it.

With the Utrust Wallet, you can not only store and send your digital currency, but you can also purchase real world goods, products and services. All in a single, simple, app. You can use the Utrust payment widget to use your everyday money as well. We have eliminated waiting times by processing transactions within our platform instantly, cutting on blockchain validation waiting times.

But that’s not all the Wallet does. It’s also an entryway into our community. We are building something at Utrust, and the Wallet will make you a part of it. We have a growing gallery of merchants, elite businesses that we are proud to work with, and you’ll have access to unique deals and special opportunities available to no one else. Not only that, but transactions between Wallet users are instantaneous and totally free, for everyone, everywhere. And even if the person receiving the transaction is outside of the Wallet, you pay nothing but the cost of the transaction. No hidden fees.

Totally borderless.

This is the face of the money of the future. We are building it, and we are not done. New features are coming to the Wallet in 2020, and we are starting with cashback and staking. Along with adding more currencies like Digibyte and Dash for a seamless and borderless experience.

We have created a product that is useful, practical, and that works seamlessly. We believe that to be the path towards adoption and towards bringing crypto into people’s lives.

The money of the future is at your fingertips by just pressing one of the buttons below.

We hope you will join us.

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