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Utrust goes live on Payrexx

In a continuing effort to be available for any and all merchants that want to accept digital currencies, Utrust has unveiled its long-awaited Payrexx integration. Payrexx merchants will now be able to accept BTC, ETH and many other digital currencies with Utrust.

We’re sure you know of Utrust’s continuous, relentless, unstoppable effort to promote the adoption of digital currencies. This is why we worked so hard to be there for Magento merchants, so they could seamlessly accept payments easily. This is why we did the same thing for Woocommerce. This is why we created a custom solution for Shopify.

We are thrilled to announce that Payrexx merchants will now be able to enjoy the full plethora of advantages our service offers.

Payrexx does it all

Payrexx is a Swiss-based payment provider that offers an all-in-one payment service. They allow merchants and businesses to accept all sorts of payments through a single gateway. This makes things simpler for everyone, something we are all for. They are already working with major credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa, and wallets such as Apple Pay and Amazon Pay, as well as many others. In total, Payrexx works with over 100 currencies, about 200 payment methods and 30+ payment providers.

And now, they’re taking digital currencies too

By partnering with Utrust, Payrexx customers will now be capable of accepting seamless payments with a variety of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Tether or Utrust’s own token, UTK.

Ivan Schmid, CEO of Payrexx, said:

“When we say all-in-one, we mean it. Our goal is to be the payment gateway you need, regardless of where you are and how you want to pay. Digital currencies are a significant part of our future in that regard, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with Utrust.”

As always, Utrust’s service will handle all digital accounting, and merchants who accept these payments will get paid in their preferred fiat currency in their bank account. And that’s just the start of the advantages of our service.

  • With Utrust, your transaction fees drop by 80%, due to digital currencies being decentralized and cutting out the middleman.
  • Utrust is borderless. You can accept payments from anywhere in the world and get paid in your usual currency extremely fast.
  • There are no chargebacks. All sales are final and recorded on an immutable ledger.
  • There are no conversion fees. You get paid in fiat, in your bank account. No need for digital currencies accounting.

But that’s not all Utrust offers:

  • Protection against fraud is foolproof.
  • We were built for the Internet. Your customers will never have to share their private information online.
  • A whole new market.
  • There are over 100 million digital currencies users out there, eager for access to more merchants.

Hallo Schweiz! Bonjour la Suisse! Ciao Svizzera!

And now, we expect the Swiss market to enjoy all of these advantages to the fullest. Because, for Utrust, this is also an opportunity to expand further into Switzerland, where the company was incorporated. 90% of Swiss people between the ages of 18 and 65 are ecommerce buyers, and the market is worth over 7 billion USD. Last year, the Swiss parliament passed a series of new laws making digital currencies and digital payments easier and fairer, which should serve as a catalyst for growth in the area.

Utrust CEO Sanja Kon said, about this partnership:

“We are focusing heavily on growth in 2021, and a significant part of that strategy means reaching the merchants and customers that are eager to use our product. Working with Payrexx is a perfect opportunity to do that.”

But there’s more!

Alongside the partnership, Utrust and Payrexx are also pleased to announce that the first two merchants using this feature are already live.

Star In You is a project in the areas of social music, social media marketing training and lifestyle. They are building a worldwide community that will help artists diversify their income streams. It’s exploring an innovative strategy that involves the sale of social media marketing training, lifestyle products (such as energy drinks), streaming and voting, as well as revenues from merchandising and artists’ events.

Mountain Flair offers holiday apartments in the St. Moritz and Engadin tourism and ski resorts, as well as being active as a real estate broker. The company offers over 100 apartments in weekly rent as well as numerous apartments in seasonal and long-term rent. The company boasts over 100 holiday apartments rented by the week and 2 million CHF booking volume in 2020, despite the pandemic.

And they’re offering all of you a gift!

If you are a Utrust user, and you book your vacation with Mountain Flair until June the 30th 2021, YOU GET 10% OFF. You can book your Christmas vacations or New Year’s getaway with Mountain Flair now, and enjoy this discount.

So if you already own digital currencies, just head right here.

If you don’t, let’s get you started.

If you are a merchant and want to accept digital currencies, we can do that too!




Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. utrust.com

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